Batman Has No Time For Green Lantern’s Cosmic Politics

In DC Comics’ new Justice League: Last Ride, Batman reveals that he could care less about Green Lanterns’ plans with the United Planets.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Justice League: Last Ride #1

In DC Comics’ new Justice League series, the greatest heroes of Earth have disbanded, and Batman has no time for the cosmic politics of Green Lantern. Set in an alternate Earth apart from the primary DC Universe, some unspecified crisis created a large rift in the Justice League due to the significant casualties it wrought. Since that time, Batman has chosen to keep his focus primarily on Gotham in Justice League: Last Ride. As such, when Green Lantern Corps Leader Hal Jordan summons the former League with an intriguing proposition, Batman couldn’t care less.

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In Justice League: Last Ride #1 from writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Miguel Mendonça, Batman and Superman are at odds with eachother, as they blame one another for the devastation and tragedy that occurred during the recent crisis. While Batman is angered that Superman displayed an inability to act which costed lives, Superman blames Batman for sending the Martian Manhunter to his death. As a result, tensions are very high when the Green Lantern Corps comes calling, summoning the former League to the Watchtower which has essentially been abandoned since the team split up.

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Though the Justice League has struggled, they’re not the only superhero team in shambles. The Green Lanterns suffered their own losses, which is why they need the former League’s help. While they managed to capture Lobo after he killed the New Gods, they need help protecting him from his enemies until his trial with the United Planets. The United Planets has been a new concept that was first introduced in Future State and has just been formed in the DC’s present day. Now, it looks as though the United Planets exist in this alternate universe as well, operating as a galactic version of the United Nations to foster peace throughout the cosmos. Furthermore, Corps leader Hal Jordan reveals his hope that should the League succeed with this final mission to protect Lobo, he could convince the United Planets to sanction Earth as the new Oa, becoming the Green Lanterns’ new base of operations. The Corps could then recruit Earth’s heroes as Lanterns, thereby negating the need for the already broken League. While Superman and Wonder Woman are certainly intrigued, Batman shows open contempt.


With just a few short sentences, Batman made it clear how he feels about Green Lantern’s proposal (as well as the United Planets in general). In his mind, keeping Gotham safe is his only priority, and it doesn’t help that he and Superman aren’t in a good place either. That being said, Superman can’t help but confront Batman one-on-one to ask the Dark Knight for his help, admitting how tired and broken he’s become since the crisis. While Batman eventually agrees to help hide and protect Lobo, he doesn’t agree to anything about Hal’s idea to make Earth the new Oa, perhaps indicating that he still doesn’t like Green Lantern’s proposal.

In any case, it looks as though the crisis took its toll on Batman just as much as it did with Superman, making the Dark Knight even more jaded and “obstinate” as the Man of Steel describes him. As such, it makes sense why Batman wouldn’t care about getting involved in Green Lantern’s political maneuvers. However it all goes down, here’s hoping the Justice League’s final mission is successful, perhaps even leading to the team’s reformation in future issues.

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