DC’s ‘New Super-Man’ Was Just Saved by Green Arrow’s Son

The New Super-Man was just saved by Green Arrow’s son. There have been a few replacement Supermen, but this one needed to team up with Connor Hawke.

Warning! Spoilers for DC Festival of Heroes: The Asian Superhero Celebration #1

DC Comics’ new Super-Man was just saved by Green Arrow’s son, Connor Hawke. In recent years, there have been a few alternate Supermen, but this one needed Connor to help save the day.

Kenan Kong AKA the New Super-Man has used the title with altered spelling for a while, but there’s a series of reasons he hasn’t taken over Superman’s job entirely. Of course, Clark Kent has his son Jon to consider for the role, as seen in Future State, but for the moment, Kenan is able to act as an occasional stand-in for the Man of Tomorrow. Similarly, Connor Hawke has grown into a superhero that can match his father Oliver Queen AKA Green Arrow.

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The self-proclaimed “New Super-Man” is rescued by fan-favorite Connor Hawke in DC Festival of Heroes: The Asian Superhero Celebration #1 written by Greg Pak with art by Sumit Kumar and Romulo Fajardo Jr. Kenan AKA Super-Man reveals that the original Man of Steel asked for him to keep watch over Metropolis while he’s away on another mission. As Super-Man protects the city, Connor Hawke intercedes in a fight against a massive LexCorp mech, keeping civilians out of harm’s way. In the process, Green Arrow’s son even saves Super-Man from the mech. If Connor hadn’t been around, the new Super-Man could have caused innocent people standing by to get hurt, from his inexperience on the job.

Of course, Kenan has been notably arrogant in previous depictions, so this encounter isn’t too surprising. Although he has all of Kal-El’s capabilities, his personality is affecting his heroics. Just as Clark Kent has Batman to balance him out, Super-Man has Connor Hawke, who learned how to be a hero without any special powers from Green Arrow. This distinction in his journey to fight crime is important because, unlike Kenan, he didn’t have the luxury of superpowers or a name like “Super-Man.” However, Connor is now the son of the current Justice League’s leader, which arguably elevates his own status as a hero in the DC Universe.

In the context of Superman’s journey to become the iconic hero that he is today, fighting massive robots was a small, mundane hassle during the early days of protecting Metropolis. Regardless of any personality defects, Kenan still has the potential to grow into a qualified suitor for the title. In any case, the New Super-Man might be the best fit to serve on a team of other heroes or join Green Arrow Connor Hawke in what could become a new take on the World’s Finest. Now that the two of them have met each other, it’s possible Kenan could take notes and further his development into the Kryptonian hero he admires.

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