DC’s Newest Team Are on a Mission to Save the Multiverse

In Infinite Frontier #2, Director Bones recruits a team of heroes to save the Multiverse from the impending threat that will arrive during the series!

In Infinite Frontier #2, a new team of heroes is set to be assembled, in order to save DC Comics‘ multiverse. The publisher has released solicits for the month of July, along with cover art for this specific issue. Featured prominently are Director Bones and Agent Cameron Chase, two members of the D.E.O. It looks like they will have an important part to play as they monitor the situation at hand, just like the D.E.O. would normally do, yet at a bigger cosmic scale.

The new Infinite Frontier mini-series picks up where Infinite Frontier #0 left off, continuing on from the shocking twist of the issue’s final page. Darkseid is coming and is getting closer and closer, meaning that defenses must be put in place for when he attacks. The cover for Infinite Frontier #1 is representative of the force this new version of Darkseid has, as he grasps an entire planet in his hand. From this and all of DC’s other teases for the new series, it’s clear that DC’s heroes face an enormous threat and will need all the help they can find.

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In Infinite Frontier #2 by Joshua Williamson, Xermanico, and Romulo Fajardo Jr., Director Bones re-forms a team of powerful heroes who will become Justice Incarnate to keep the new worlds at bay. The solicit’s wording implies that Director Bones once tried to form a team, just like the one in this issue. It remains to be seen if he fails to put together this team in issue one, or whether this refers to some other event. Bones and Chase will lead recruitment duties as they spectate over the events of the many Earths, as teased in the cover art below, where Chase symbolically looks over Batman and Superman.

The heroes that have been confirmed to appear in the Infinite Frontier mini-series are; Alan Scott aka the JSA’s Green Lantern, Roy Harper aka Arsenal, Barry Allen aka the Flash, Calvin Ellis aka President Superman, Cameron Chase, and Alan Scott’s children Jade and Obsidian. Right now, there’s been no confirmation that all of these members will appear in this new team. However, it has been strongly suggested that some, if not all, of these heroes, could make their way into the team’s ranks. It must be noted that President Superman and the Flash are members of Justice Incarnate, the Justice League of the multiverse. Therefore, it’s possible that they might only cross paths with this new team, rather than join it.

With Darkseid set to break out of his prison on Earth-Omega, the multiverse needs protecting. Director Bones seems to think that a group of heroes may be enough, but it’s very likely that things will go out of hand. As his presence threatens the entire multiverse, other superheroes are bound to get their hands dirty, as teased in Infinite Frontier #2‘s cover art. Batman and Superman are unlikely to ignore Darkseid and will most definitely get involved. Infinite Frontier #1 will be available in comic book shops and on digital platforms on June 22.

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