Each Main Character’s Most Iconic Scene

Marvel’s Avengers might have received some critical panning, but it’s campaign has certainly been praised for its detailed characters and nods to the source material. Following the young hero Kamala Khan, players reunite the Avengers as A.I.M. and M.O.D.O.K. begin their reign of terror over Earth.

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With so many characters from the comics featured throughout the video game, some of them making their debut in the medium for the first time, each has to have a standout moment to signify their importance in the universe. Every Avenger and even some of the supporting characters feature in iconic scenes which establish them as heroes.

10 Hawkeye: Old Man Clint

Kate Bishop And Hawkeye Meet Old Man Hawkeye - Marvel's Avengers

Players were excited to finally get to play as Clint Barton in the new Hawkeye DLC, however, no one expected to be starting that journey as Old Man Clint. Taking a story straight from the comics, the game allowed fans to play through a mission in the far future.

It’s a pretty iconic moment and one that sets the video game apart from any other on-screen adaptation of the character. With Old Man Clint likely having a larger role to play in the future of this narrative, this was an iconic way to play around with the timeline.

9 Hulk: Maestro Reveal

Maestro Avengers Game Hulk

While the Hulk has some fantastic moments throughout the game, including when he gets out of control around the other Avengers, the best reveal was that of future Hulk. Once again playing into the comics, at the end of the Earth, only Maestro remains.

The Maestro reveal and boss battle was especially epic when the character was surrounded by the symbols of other fallen heroes. It demonstrated that the Hulk can still become a major threat down the line and established an alternate version of the character.

8 Thor: Return Of The God Of Thunder

Thor Reuniting With Kamala Khan - Marvel's Avengers

While Thor has had his own fair share of canceled projects and a few appearances in the medium, this is perhaps the best iteration of the character in video games. His debut is electrifying and he’s one of the few characters that feel genuinely powerful.

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However, his return to the field after doing charity work as Donald Blake is the most memorable of his moments from throughout the game. He doesn’t even have time to suit up in his trademark armor, instead flying into the conflict in his civilian clothing.

7 Ms. Marvel: A-Day

Avengers Day Avengers Game

The Avengers have appeared in a few retro titles previously, but this narrative is entirely unique thanks to the introduction of the modern character Kamala Khan. Her story has inspired millions and for Marvel’s Avengers it all starts on A-Day.

There’s perhaps no better origin story in video games than that of Ms. Marvel. This is really a coming of age tale, but the attack on Avengers Day which gives her the powers she needs is both an exciting aspect of her narrative and a perfect way to showcase her love of the Earth’s mightiest heroes.

6 Iron Man: Stark Heading To Space

Iron Man Space Suit Avengers Game

It’s somewhat surprising that before this there hadn’t been any truly great video games based on Iron Man. What’s Tony Stark without his suits of armor and rock music anyway? Marvel’s Avengers managed to provide fans with the definitive Iron Man scene.

Going to space in his new, sleek, specially designed suit, Iron Man flies into the atmosphere accompanied by the sounds of Flight Of The Icarus by Iron Maiden. It’s probably one of the most intense and comic book-based moments in the game.

5 Black Widow: Fighting Taskmaster

Black Widow fights Taskmaster Avengers Game

A-Day is a major conflict thanks in large part to the interference of Taskmaster. While all the Avengers have their part to play within the battle, it’s the face-off between Black Widow and Taskmaster that truly sets up the former assassin as a badass.

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Jumping on the back of the jetpacking Taskmaster, players get to showcase Natasha’s various skills as she looks to take down the hired hand. It’s a lot of fun to play through and while Black Widow has a number of other standout moments throughout the game, it’s certainly one of the most memorable.

4 Captain America: Revival

Steves Return Avengers Game

The story surrounding the main campaign saw Steve Rogers seemingly killed in action and the Avengers disbanded. It’s up to Ms. Marvel to unite them all again, but what’s the Earth’s mightiest heroes without their leader shouting for them to assemble?

It’s revealed that Captain America is actually alive. The mission to rescue him and his return to his iconic costume is definitely a heartwarming moment for players. The status quo is returned to normal and the shield is back with its rightful owner.

3 Ant-Man: Ant-Hill Debut

Ant-Man holding his weapon in a canyon - Marvel's Avengers

Ant-Man, unfortunately, doesn’t have his abilities in the game thus far, but he has put his Pym Particles to good use throughout all of the technology he uses. His appearance in the game caught many by surprise, although his arrival couldn’t have come at a better time.

Hank Pym is now the leader of those fighting back against A.I.M.’s reign of terror. With an underground resistance needing a location to hide out, players are introduced to the aptly named Ant-Hill, one of the most significant locations in the game and a sign that Hank never gave up hope.

2 Kate Bishop: Awesome Entrance

Kate Bishop Portaling To Headshot AIM Bot - Marvel's Avengers

There’s a lot of brilliant aspects to Kate Bishop’s character. From her hilarious quotes to her amazing teleportation abilities. Her arrival into the game as the first piece of additional DLC was a sign that Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics knew where to take the title next.

With A.I.M. robots suddenly shutting down thanks to a mysterious arrow taking them out, Kate makes a truly cool entrance, with all of the wit and badassery that fans have come to expect from the character. It’s an awesome moment and one that previewed how much fun the character would be to play as.

1 Scientist Supreme: The Cosmic Cube

Scientist Supreme Using The Cosmic Cube - Marvel's Avengers

The future of the game’s campaign has been heavily teased thanks to the arrival of the Cosmic Cube. The fate of Nick Fury and the Scientist Supreme has been revealed, with the latter fighting off the Kree with her own artifact of destruction.

It’s quite the powerful image; Monica Rappaccini is clearly not messing around anymore and has surpassed M.O.D.O.K. in terms of her ambition and her power. It will be interesting to see where the story goes from here with so much energy in the palm of her hand.

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