Future State Teased As The Real Future of DC’s Universe

While Future State was initially pitched as a possible future for the DC Universe, it is looking like it will be their definitive future.

Spoilers for Future State: Gotham #1 ahead!

DC’s recently concluded Future State presented a look at the future of the DC Universe, and was billed as a possible future, but now in Future State: Gotham #1, the publisher is teasing Future State is the actual future of their universe. Events unfolding currently in books such as Batman and Green Lantern were first seen in Future State, and more are coming.

Future State spun out of the events of Dark Nights: Death Metal, which saw the destruction, and rebirth, of the DC Multiverse. As mentioned earlier, the event gave readers a grand and sweeping look at the destiny of many of DC’s greatest characters. Readers got to see Jon Kent, now calling himself Superman, fight for a war-ravaged Metropolis, Swamp Thing take over the Eastern seaboard and Wonder Woman fight Darkseid at the end of time. Future State led directly to Infinite Frontier, and at its beginning, the Totality told Wonder Woman that the events of Future State were a possible future, and whether or not it came to pass was on humanity. Apparently humanity was not up to the task, as DC signals Future State may be DC’s future.

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Every Future State issue opened with a narration briefly recapping the events of Dark Nights: Death Metal and the rebirth of the Multiverse. The narration would go on to call Future State “a glimpse into the unwritten worlds of tomorrow”—meaning Future State was a possible future. Contrast that with the opening of Future State: Gotham: it recaps the death and rebirth of the Multiverse, but instead of saying “an unwritten world” it is called “inevitable.”

Red Hood Future State Gotham

There is a possibility the change to “inevitable” was for dramatic effect, but so much of what happened in Future State is starting to unfold, and the Batman family of titles has been impacted perhaps the most. Future State showed Gotham had come under the control of a fascist, anti-vigilante regime calling themselves “the Magistrate.” Events currently unfolding in Batman and Detective Comics are laying the groundwork for the Magistrate’s takeover of Gotham. Other events, such as the destruction of the Green Lantern Corps and Superman (Clark Kent) leaving Earth, are coming to pass as well. The question is: is Future State truly the future of the DC Universe? Or is there still time for the heroes to avoid the dark future it presented?

Future State wrapped up two months ago, but its ramifications are starting to be felt across the DC Universe. Initially billed as only a possible future, it is becoming slowly apparent this is the actual future of the DC Universe. Future State: Gotham is written by Joshua Williamson and Dennis Culver, with art by Giannis Milonogiannis and letters by Troy Peteri; it on sale now in print and digital.

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