Ghostrunner 2 Announced After First Game’s Surprise Success

Ghostrunner developer One More Level is beginning development on Ghostrunner 2 which will release on the most recent generation consoles.

One More Level is making a Ghostrunner 2 with a boosted budget after its original faced-paced, cyberpunk title, recached an impressive 600,000 copies sold after it launched in 2020. Ghostrunner was first revealed in 2019, promising a dashing action game complete with a futuristic setting and tough boss fights. When the title released the following year, it won many players over with its nimble protagonist and rewarding combat, even if the Ghostrunner level designs sometimes hindered the game’s pace. Publisher 505 Games is once again partnering with the title’s developers following the success of the initial game to expand Ghostrunner onto new platforms and fund its upcoming sequel.

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The announcement, which appears on the official Ghostrunner Twitter account, was stuffed with exciting news for fans. First, the game’s creators are promising to bring the original title to next-gen consoles before the year is out, which will hopefully enhance its performance and neon-filled beauty. As for the sequel, Ghostrunner 2 will seemingly release only on the most recent generation of consoles, taking advantage of all the latest hardware has to offer. In order to achieve this, the publisher has greenlit a $5 million euro budget for the game. There are even hints that, should Ghostrunner 2 meet with equal or greater success, the property may turn into a franchise.

The plan to reach new audiences on various consoles is ambitious, though the developers managed the feat for the original Ghostrunner, which eventually appeared on every major platform. This was not a completely smooth ride, however, as the title’s Switch launch met with problems that pushed Ghostrunner‘s release back behind that of most other platforms. However, the creators seem confident about the original title’s expansion onto the latest-gen consoles in 2021 and currently have not provided information of Ghostrunner 2‘s release window.

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Source: Ghostrunner/Twitter

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