GTA Online Glitch Traps Players In The Casino

A video posted on Reddit shows a GTA Online player become suddenly trapped in the Diamond Casino with no way to escape. The culprits are NPCs.

Players entering GTA Online‘s Diamond Casino could find themselves trapped inside thanks to a bug. The Diamond Casino is most popular for its lucrative penthouse suite and available heist missions, but players can also enter to gamble their earnings and spin a weekly jackpot wheel.

Rockstar’s massively popular online component for Grand Theft Auto V has continued to print money for publisher Take-Two Interactive since its release back in 2013. Thanks in part to regular content updates and expansions, GTA V has become one of the best-selling games of all time. The most recent major update to the game was the Cayo Perico Heist that launched late last year. It added a brand-new heist, a submarine, weapons, and more. The Diamond Casino Heist was released as an equivalent update back in 2019, and the casino has since become a regular gambling and hang-out spot for players.

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As reported by website Dexerto, a video posted Thursday by user theyhaveher on Reddit shows how they became trapped in GTA Online‘s Diamond Casino. The player walks in through the front door, looks around, and finds that the casino is empty of the usual NPCs inhabiting the floor and slots. Not to be dissuaded, they press onward before the NPCs finally begin spawning. Suddenly, three NPCs spawn in a triangular formation around the player. They desperately try to escape by walking in all directions, but the unlikely trap is set.

The comments provide greater insight and possible solutions for players trapped in this triangle of terror. User RaeR15 notes that players should not progress toward the crowd in the casino until all NPCs have visibly spawned. Another user, crazyrabbit7500, says that it’s easier to try and escape when in first-person view. The best (and possibly only) viable solution to this problem, aside from relaunching the game, is provided by user mfernandeziv, who mentions that players can open their phone, start a heist, and be teleported to their house.

Players of GTA Online are no strangers to bugs and coding errors. The glitches often cause significant strife when they interfere with mission completions and the prospect of significant cash rewards. However, this annoying casino bug that condemns players to socialize with casino-goers for an eternity is on the more hilarious side. This bug isn’t the first and won’t be the last to pop up in GTA Online. Hopefully, when GTA V gets its next-gen release later this year, these issues will be more readily addressed and less common.

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Source: theyhaveher/Reddit, Dexerto

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