Gwen Stacy Becomes Marvel’s Batman’s Batgirl (Yes, Really)

Gwen Stacy becomes the Batgirl to Nighthawk’s Batman, as the Heroes Reborn series continues with a new one-shot starring Nightbird.

Warning! Spoilers for Heroes Reborn: Night-Gwen #1 by Marvel Comics below.

Gwen Stacy is about to become Nightbird, as the longtime Marvel Comics character will take on a new role in the current Heroes Reborn event. In new previews for the upcoming Night-Gwen #1, Gwen becomes Marvel’s version of Batgirl and will suit up alongside the Squadron Supreme’s Nighthawk in the one-shot. The issue will feature Nightbird investigating the Jackal as Misty Knight is also on the case.

The Heroes Reborn event is in full force in the Marvel Universe. Hyperion, Marvel’s pastiche of Superman, has somehow become the most powerful hero in a world where the Avengers never banded together. Tony Stark sells dangerous missiles to the military, Captain America was never recovered after being frozen in ice, and Thor has become tired of his hammer and turned to hard-drinking. The new universe is the perfect world for Hyperion but it’s recently been revealed that Blade – the only person who knows the world isn’t as it’s supposed to be – unthawed Captain America who seems to be a literal weakness to the powerful hero.

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The pastiches continue in Night-Gwen #1 by Vita Ayala and Farid Karami, as Gwen Stacy becomes the universe’s version of Batgirl. Previews reveal Gwendolyn Stacy is the leading psychiatrist at the Ravencroft Institute. But, when she’s not working to rehabilitate villains in the Heroes Reborn universe, she becomes Nightbird. Nightbird will seemingly work alongside Nighthawk, a member of the Squadron Supreme who was originally created as a pastiche of Batman.

Nightbird Gwen Stacy

New previews show Gwen working in a clock tower (just like barbara works as Oracle in Gotham Clock Tower) overseeing a bunch of screens. Nighthawk’s uniform can be seen beside her. Gwen suits up as Nightbird and jumps on her motorcycle to investigate the Jackal. She is seen looking through an apartment when she disappears right before Misty Knight arrives on the scene.

Nightbird Gwen Stacy

Nightbird Gwen Stacy

Nightbird’s costume is designed to be similar to Nighthawk’s, but even with the bird-based features, the look is reminiscent of some of Batgirl’s ensembles – although the design is fresh and looks really good.

It’s refreshing to see Marvel writers, artists, and other creatives have so much fun with the concept of “what if Marvel heroes lived in the DC Universe?” While Marvel Comics won’t admit the scenario, the Squadron Supreme is effectively Marvel’s Justice League and Heroes Reborn has focused on those characters, leading to a number of similarities between the rival publisher’s world. Gwen Stacy as Nightbird is going to be a lot of fun. Night-Gwen #1 is in stores on June 9th, 2021.

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