How Among Us’ New Twitch & Discord Features Work

Among Us’ new Twitch and Discord update brings mobile integration for these apps to the popular social deduction game. Here’s how it works.

Among Us’ sudden rise to popularity in 2020 was due largely to Twitch and YouTube streamers. As a multiplayer social deduction game, Among Us is best enjoyed with large groups of people, whether fellow players in an in-game lobby or viewers of a streamed game. A May 2021 update has added Twitch and Discord integration to Among Us, making this kind of sharing easier than ever.

First launched in June 2018, Among Us is based on party games like Mafia and requires players to deduce who the Impostor is among their crewmates. This mandates a lot of communication, so many players use third-party apps like Discord to discuss, rather than in-game text chat. While Among Us originated as a mobile-only title, it was later ported to PC and Nintendo Switch, with Xbox and PlayStation versions on the way.

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Despite the game’s multiplatform nature, the Among Us May 2021 update focuses primarily on mobile. The update does include some bugfixes, but the most notable features are the Twitch and Discord integration. Mobile players are now able to start streaming Among Us on Twitch directly from their phones. To do so, players only need to hit the “Start Streaming On Twitch” button that can now be found alongside the game’s other settings.

How To Use Among Us’ Discord Update On PC & Mobile

How Among Us' New Twitch & Discord Features Work

Players are also able to link their Discord accounts to Among Us on mobile by tapping the Discord icon featured in the game’s settings. This opens up the Discord app, where players can then give the game authorization to access their accounts. From there, the Discord icon can be found next to the private/public button in match lobbies. Hitting this will generate an invitation that can then be shared to Discord, allowing friends to join the match directly through the link. The PC version of Among Us also received a similar feature with the release of this update. It’s worth noting that players need to be non-minors and be signed into full accounts in order to access the new features.

The Twitch and Discord integration comes just over a month after the game’s Airship update, which introduced a new map, new tasks, and improved mobility. InnerSloth also recently announced the game will be coming to PS4 and PS5 at some point in 2021. Among Us continues to see frequent updates to both improve the game and bring new content to fans across all platforms.

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