How to complete A Quaking Volcano request in New Pokémon Snap

The Fireflow volcano in New Pokémon Snap has many requests to complete, such as A Quaking Volcano. Here’s what the player needs to do to complete it.


New Pokémon Snap has brought Pokémon photography to a new generation of players, as well as renewed interest for fans of the original that released in the 90s. Rather than engaging in battles, this refreshing and relaxing use of the beloved IP has players snapping high-quality research photos in the Lental islands. After receiving numerous tools such as fluffruits, illumina orbs, and a music player, photographers must use them in conjunction with the Pokémon and their environment to solve a myriad of puzzles. Some of these puzzles take the form of requests, which characters in the game use to provide missions to the player.

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‘A Quaking Volcano’ is a request that players will have access to once they reach the third level of Fireflow volcano. As this mission is only available on Voluca Island, it will be a while until new players unlock the course the mission is attached to. To beat it, players must complete a series of events involving some Monferno messing with a Tyrantrum. Here’s a step-by-step guide to solve it.

New Pokémon Snap ‘A Quaking Volcano’ Request

New Pokemon Snap Hidden Pokemon

Right after passing by the hot springs at the start of the course and reaching the open area with the lava flow, look up and to the right of the path to see a Monferno standing atop a rock structure. Throw an illumina orb at it to initiate the event. Afterward, it will hop down and run in front of the player’s path before progressing to the next area. Inside the cave, it will meet up with another Monferno while a resting Tyrantrum sleeps nearby. For the next step, throw another illumina orb at the Monferno, but specifically the one on the left. Doing so will cause the Pokémon to run up to the Tyrantrum and playfully wake it from its rest.

Once the Tyrantrum wakes up, players need to get their cameras ready. Upon waking, the enraged Tyrantrum will roar at the Monferno and charge toward them. Unfortunately, it will bash its solid-rock head against the cave’s wall in the process, thus creating the ‘quaking volcano’. The impact between the Tyrantrum’s skull and the wall only lasts a few seconds, but those who manage to capture it on photo will manage to complete the request, as well as obtain the fossil Pokémon’s four-star photo. When it charges, be sure to aim the camera at the wall it collides into, which is on the left side of the cave. After showing the photo of the crash to the professor during the photo review, the request will be completed!

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New Pokémon Snap is available on Nintendo Switch.

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