How to Find Quality Meat (The Easy Way)

Quality Meat is one of the best cooking items available in Resident Evil Village. This guide will show players how they can obtain it the easy way.

Quality Meat is a valuable cooking item in Resident Evil Village. This guide will show players where they can find it the easy way. Resident Evil Village is all about taking resources from the world and using it to survive. The moment the player finishes up the castle area, a new open area will be made available. Shortly after exploring, the player will encounter the Duke. This character acts as the merchant in the game and will provide the player with upgrades and new items for gold. Alternatively, players can also collect meat from animals to trade in for stat boosts. This guide will show players where they can find Quality Meat in Resident Evil Village.

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In order to unlock access to the Duke’s Kitchen, the player will need to defeat Lady Dimitrescu in a boss fight. Afterward, players can head over to the house with the red chimney and the Duke will offer to cook up some dishes for the player. All around the village, players will come across pigs, chickens, and more to collect. Killing them will provide players with cooking ingredients. All the player has to do is return back to the Duke and trade it in for some dishes. Here is where players can find Quality Meat in the game.

Where To Find Quality Meat in Resident Evil Village

resident evil village castle dimitrescu chandelier

Quality Meat comes from the white pigs that are found running around the town. Players will only be able to encounter the white pig after completing the Lady Dimitrescu boss battle. Once the player sees the werewolf, they will be able to find a photo of the white pig and it will mark its location on the map. For reference, players will be able to find the white big to the north of the Workshop and near Luiza’s House. It will spawn nearby some flying enemies so make sure to take them out before focusing on the pig. The pig will take about 5 shots to defeat and then the player can collect the Quality Meat to make some valuable dishes.

Resident Evil Village is a fine combination of the newer and older Resident Evil gameplay mechanics. This entry is much more fast-paced when compared to Resident Evil 7 but also has the same survival-horror elements as previous titles. Overall, players will spend a lot of their time getting items to the Duke. He’s surrounded by mystery but is still insanely helpful to Ethan Winters.

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Resident Evil Village is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

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