Larissa Lima Criticized For Faking Pregnancy

Larissa Lima who was mocked for her selfish Mother’s Day post with her kids being left behind in Brazil now claimed she was pregnant on Instagram.

Popular 90 Day Fiancé star Larissa Lima is often mocked for leaving her kids behind in Brazil, but this time, Colt Johnson’s ex-wife faced the music for lying about her pregnancy. The mother of two, Larissa, who entered the world of reality TV via season 6 of the show, created a controversial storyline riddled with abuse, arrests, and, deportation treats. But since getting fired for flaunting her plastic surgery, Larissa has been living it up in the U.S., by creating adult content on Instagram. However, amidst rumors of Colt expecting a baby with Vanessa Guerra, Larissa stole some attention for herself by announcing she was pregnant. And 90 Day Fiancé fans immediately called Larissa out for her lies.

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The controversial couple of Larissa and Colt somehow still manage to make headlines, even if they’re not together anymore. The 90 Day: The Single Life star Colt may have started planning a wedding with Vanessa, but Larissa is still getting trashed for failing to do her motherly duties. It was surprising for fans and even Debbie Johnson to know that Larissa had two children back home, and criticism about her leaving them behind for a lush life in America poured in. Fans felt for little Luana and Arry, who stay with Larissa’s father, and her ex respectively. This also led to Larissa being mocked on Mother’s Day for her selfish post in which she showed off her own boudoir photoshoot.

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But immediately after, Larissa posted a shocking Instagram story that said “it’s official” and showed a mirror selfie of a pregnant belly. The caption on it was further confusing which read, “I’ll be 5 weeks on Monday.. were nervous to share bc its so early but were so excited.” While Larissa’s followers wondered why she’d announce her pregnancy this way but found out she was faking it once they saw the “swipe up” link proving it was clickbait. As SoapDirt reported, the pregnant mama in the photo was not Larissa but former Unexpected cast member McKayla Adkins also from TLC, who’s pregnant with her third child. A 90 Day Fiancé fan page on Instagram @youresolazy shared a screenshot of the article that Larissa’s click-baiting leads to confirming it was about McKayla.

It doesn’t help that she actually made a post of it to make it seem real but I swiped up so you don’t have to. Not her…” said the post about Larissa faking her pregnancy. A comment read, “just when I thought Larissa couldn’t get any weirder,” as the fan page wrote about Larissa also having done a proper Instagram feed post about it alongside the misleading swipe-up story.

Another fan added how Larissa seems to have “pulled a Nicole,” referring to her infamous click-baiting 90 Day Fiancé co-star Nicole Nafziger. In the last few months, Nicole was heavily lambasted for posting various false stories and redirecting her followers to her “link in bio” via false posts. At times these posts were about her pregnancy, and once Nicole even posted about her rumored ex Azan Tefou being dead sending shockwaves in the community. While Nicole has now stopped indulging in click-bait content, looks like it’s time for Larissa to earn some bread by fooling clueless 90 Day Fiancé fans instead.

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Source: SoapDirt, YoureSoLazy

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