Schitt’s Creek: 10 Ways The Town Shaped The Roses

When the Rose family lost their wealth because of a shady business manager, they had no choice but to go to the small town they owned called Schitt’s Creek, It was the one thing the government found no value in. At first, the Roses found the town disgusting and beneath them, but the longer they were there, they knew they had no choice but to fit and make do.

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The Roses never intended in staying in Schitt’s Creek for as long as they did, but it turned out for the best. Because of the rundown town, the Roses found friendship, love, and each other. By season 6 of Schitt’s Creek, it became clear that Schitt’s Creek shaped the family into new individuals with better heads on their shoulders.

10 The Town Humbled Them

Johnny Rose fighting a hangover at the Cafe Tropical

There’s nothing more humbling than being treated for exactly how a person is regardless of their financial matters. The Roses were used to being treated a certain way because of the amount of money they had. They also had high expectations for the people they surrounded themselves with. But no one cared about the Roses’ wealth or lack thereof. Twyla, the Schitts, and the Jazzagals treated Johnny, Moira, Alexis, and David on their character. Because of this, the family became humbled. They couldn’t pay their way through life anymore. They had to change their ways to fit their new present reality.

9 Stevie Became The Friend David Always Needed

Stevie and David getting high before they make out

By the end of season 1, viewers had a clearer image on David’s life in New York. He worked at a famed art gallery but his friends weren’t true friends. After he and his family went under, his so-called friends never reached out to lend a helping hand.

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He ran away at the end of the first season because he realized he had nothing and no one. However, he wasn’t as along as he thought he was. Stevie quickly became his closest friend. The two connected on a deep level to the point where David didn’t want to leave Schitt’s Creek because of their friendship. She opened David’s eyes to the meaning of friendship.

8 Schitt’s Creek Introduced The Roses To Each Other

With the Roses staying at a rundown motel, the family of four shared two conjoining bedrooms. For the first time in years, the family was forced to live and interact with each other. This new way of life made Johnny and Moira realize that they didn’t know a thing about their children. Without Schitt’s Creek or its motel, the Roses wouldn’t have been the close family that viewers saw in season 6. For the first time in their lives, they were a family that cared for each other and wanted to be with each other.

7 Losing Everything Pushed Alexis To Get An Education

alexis talking to doris about her cat on schitts creek

Without money and fancy connections, Alexis felt helpless. Getting a job would have been the first thing on many peoples’ minds in a situation like theirs, but not Alexis. She floated around Schitt’s Creek until she started working for Ted at his vet clinic. It was while she was working for the first time that she felt compelled to get her high school diploma.

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Apparently, she went to an expensive private school but never went to enough classes to graduate. Because of people like Ted, Twyla, and Jocelyn, Alexis got her high school diploma and even enrolled in college. Without Schitt’s Creek, that wouldn’t have happened for her.

6 Schitt’s Creek Inspired David And Alexis To Start Their Own Businesses

After losing everything they had, Alexis and David, in particular, couldn’t rely on their parents for money or their friends’ connections. They had to rely on themselves. After Alexis graduated from high school and focused on college, she realized she wanted to stay in the entertainment industry and work in public relations. With her mother being an actress, Alexis focused on promoting her mother’s career and making her a star again. Likewise, David knew that working at a place like the Blouse Barn wasn’t for him. He followed his heart and used all of his money to open his own general store called Rose Apothecary. If it weren’t for the people of Schitt’s Creek inspiring them and low-key teaching them, who knows if Alexis and David would have become the personal successes they did.

5 The Family Became Less Judgmental

Johnny And Roland Standing Together On Schitts Creek

Due to having more wealth than anyone could dream of, the Roses were incredibly judgmental of Schitt’s Creek and its people. They didn’t want to sit on their motel beds, they couldn’t fathom eating at Cafe Tropical, and they judged Roland and Jocelyn for living in a town like that. This behavior spoke volumes about their character. By season 6, however, this judgmental behavior faded. They were now more welcoming to people of all backgrounds and welcomed meeting new people.

4 Moira And Johnny’s Marriage Became Even Stronger

Johnny and Moira in New Car at car dealership in Schitt’s Creek

Moira and Johnny always appeared to have a strong marriage, but their relationship proved itself when they lost everything. Instead of Johnny and Moira parting ways, they became closer. This was largely thanks to Schitt’s Creek. Watching them do everything they could to get their family back on track was inspiring. When Moira took a low-budget job in Bosnia to make some extra cash, Johnny appreciated her presence more than ever.

In flashbacks of the family’s Christmas parties, Moira and John weren’t as closer or connected as they were in Schitt’s Creek.

3 The Town Brought Romantic Interests That Deeply Changed David & Alexis

David and Patrick hugging at the afterparty

Not much is known about David’s love life before going to Schitt’s Creek. Viewers learned about his short romance with photographer Sebastien Raine and that he had never said “I love you” before being with Patrick. David needed someone wholesome; someone down-to-earth; someone that could only be found in the town of Schitt’s Creek. And David wasn’t alone. Alexis had her fair share of relationships, but none were more fulfilling than Ted. Ted’s small-town generosity and kindness threw Alexis through a loop, but it was exactly what she needed.

2 Moira Learned More About Her Craft

Moira For The Crows Movie In Schitts Creek

As an actress, Moira was most known for her time in a soap opera called Sunrise Bay. It became clear, however, that she didn’t have the acting chops that she thought she did when acting roles stopped coming her way when she lost her wealth. And while Moira did cry and hide in her closet over her lack of career, being in Schitt’s Creek allowed her to harness her craft. She worked with the Jazzagals and tried harder than ever before. She also learned a lot about her passion through people like Jocelyn. Being in Schitt’s Creek gave Moira the break she needed to become a better actress.

1 Johnny Proved He Still Had What It Took To Start A Business Again

Exterior shot of the Rosebud Motel on a sunny day

Johnny felt lost when everyone in his family was doing something productive for the sake of their family, and yet he had nothing to contribute. As a former entrepreneur, Johnny finally got his footing after learning from the townspeople. Everyone from Stevie to Bob to Roland helped Johnny create this idea for the Rosebud Motel. Without their guidance, who knows if he would have had the gumption to franchise it.

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