Sons Of Anarchy: 10 Best Non-SAMCRO Bikers

Events in Sons Of Anarchy mostly revolved around SAMCRO, the mother charter located in the fictional town of Charming. The larger “Sons Of” Motorcycle club had a total of 48 charters spread across the globe. A few of these charters were also featured on the show, and audiences got to see bikers that weren’t part of Jax and Clay’s crew.

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There were bikers who weren’t affiliated with any of the Sons Of Anarchy charters, too. Such bikers came from rival or ally gangs such as the Mayans or the Grim Bastards. Most of these bikers were as formidable as SAMCRO members, and, though many of them were outright malicious, they were strong characters, nonetheless.

10 Les Packer

The San Bernardino charter President was just as anti-gun as Jax was. When Jax tried to hand over the chaotic arms trade with the True IRA to Packer’s charter, he rallied his members in voting it down. He then met Jax in Charming to let him know that his club didn’t want the heat.

Packer also agreed with Jax to put an end to the decades-old rule which barred Black bikers from joining any of the Sons Of Anarchy charters. As a result, Grim Basterds President T.O. Cross became the first black person to be patched over.

9 Marcus Alvarez

Emilio Rivera as Marcus Alvarez in Sons of Anarchy spin-off Mayans MC 2

The Mayans MC boss wasn’t quite sure whether he liked SAMCRO or not, and he can thus be classified as a frenemy. The series began with him leading his club to attack a SAMCRO warehouse to steal guns. The action almost led to a bloody war between the two factions, but cooler heads prevailed.

Alvarez then offended the Sons once again by providing security to LOAN leader Ethan Zobelle as he attempted to flee Charming. The relationship improved when Alvarez’s men provided security to the Sons during their 14-month prison stint. However, ties were severed once again when Alvarez teamed up with Henry Lin to go against the Sons and the One-Niners.

8 Keith McGee

Keith McGee in Sons Of Anarchy

This Icarus flew too close to the sun when he didn’t need to. SAMBEL President Keith McGee had come a long way; he was one of the founding fathers, also know as the First 9. In the 70s, he went back to Belfast where he formed SAMBEL and became the link between the mother charter and the IRA. Sadly, his greed got the better of him.

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Keith made a deal with True IRA street boss Jimmy O to push the SAMCRO out of the gun business so that they could both get more profits. When Jax and some of his colleagues went to Belfast to look for Abel, they were unaware that they had been betrayed. They almost got killed, but they soon discovered that Keith was a traitor. Clay made Keith meet Mr. Mayhem immediately by pushing him off a building.

7 Jury White

Jury White welcomes the Sons to Indian Hills

Jury and Jax’s father John Teller served in the same platoon in the Vietnam War. The two were said to be close friends. After the war, Teller formed the Sons Of Anarchy while Jury formed the Devil’s Tribe. The Devil’s Tribe was later patched over to Sons Of Anarchy. They thus became known as the Indian Hills charter.

Jury came across as a level-headed and likable character, but things took a turn for the worst when he discovered that the Sons were responsible for the murders of Glo and Renny. Jax also suspected Jury of ratting SAMCRO to the Chinese. This led to an altercation between the two which resulted in Jury’s death. Jax’s murder of a fellow president led to him getting a “Mayhem” vote.

6 Sticky

Grim Basterds VP Sticky at the MC's parking lot

Grim Bastards Vice President Sticky was a loyal ally to the Sons. He was more than glad to team up with them to find out the culprits responsible for running club members off the road. They passed by Flinn’s house who refused to say anything until they threatened him with torture. Unfortunately, they were led to the wrong men. After killing them, they discovered that they were pastors.

Sticky also helped SAMCRO catch a member of the Lin Triad who Gemma had framed for killing Tara. He also led the Bastards in impersonating the One-Niners and attacking a massage parlor belonging to the Lin Triad in order to trigger a war between August Marks and Henry Lin’s gangs

5 Hector Salazar

Calvarez president Hector Salazar meets with SAMCRO

The Calvarez MC President was part of one of the most iconic scenes in the series when SAMCRO members buried him neck-deep in the ground and rode their bikes at high speed near him in order to get him to talk about a drive-by shooting. He then revealed a plan by the Mayans to patch over Calvarez members as part of a heroin deal.

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The patch-over never happened because Marcus Alvarez was angry at Salazar for talking. Salazar for losing a heroin shipment to SAMCRO. Salazar later killed the Grim Bastards VP Lander Jackson and began tracking Tara to get revenge on SAMCRO. He would later kidnap Tara and demand $250,000 as well as Marcus Alvarez’s life, but Jax killed him during a violent altercation.

4 Liam O’Neil

SAMBEL member Liam reveals he is seeing Half-Sack's former lover Cherry

SAMBEL Sergeant-at-Arms Liam O’Neil was used as a puppet by Jimmy O. When the Sons were planning to go to Belfast to look for Jax’s son Abel, Jimmy had Liam call them to lie to them that Abel wasn’t in the city. When they finally came, Liam tried to lead them into a police ambush to get them arrested. That didn’t work, as the members of the mother charter overpowered the officers.

Later, Jimmy rigged a gun shipment with explosives. Luckily, SAMCRO members survived the explosion. As the only suspect, Jimmy went on the run, but he was caught and tortured before being killed by Jax.

3 Benny

SAMTAZ VP Benny gets excommunicated from the club

The SAMTAZ Vice President was also brought down by greed. He and the club president made a deal to sell heroin behind the club’s back so that all the profits would go to them. Little Paul confronted them, but they murdered him and framed Mexican gangbangers for the crime.

SAMCRO later recruited Benny and his men to provide protection for a Galindo cartel shipment, not knowing that they were secretly dealing meth. Clay eventually discovered what was happening and told the rest of the SAMTAZ members. Benny was then excommunicated as punishment.

2 Hopper

Bobby's Nomad Hopper refuses to join SAMCRO

Hopper almost joined SAMCRO, but he got cold feet. At one point, Bobby went his own way and recruited a couple of Nomads that he could work with. He later returned to the club, claiming that he had actually been recruiting the Nomads to become members. Hopper happened to be one of them.

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However, after an explosion at the club nearly killed all SAMCRO members and their families, Hopper opted not to join, as he figured the club had too much heat.

1 Gaines

Chibs argues with Gaines about Jax's Mayhem vote

Gaines took over from Jury as Indian Hills President after the latter was murdered by Jax. Gaines wasn’t a big fan of Jax, and his belief that Jax didn’t kill Jury in self-defense was a key factor that pushed the SAMCRO President to confess.

After Jax confessed during a meeting between the presidents, Gaines again pushed for the Mayhem vote. That’s exactly what happened, as Jax was sentenced to death for his unforgivable crime. However, Gaines didn’t have the pleasure of seeing Jax get whacked since the protagonist opted to ride to his death.

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