Tomb Raider 2’s First Draft Reveals Potential Sequel Title

Tomb Raider 2 writer-director Misha Green reveals that she has finished the first draft of the script, and unveils a possible title.

Tomb Raider 2‘s first draft reveals a potential title for the sequel. Iconic action heroine Lara Croft debuted in the first Tomb Raider video game way back in 1996. Croft then became a movie character played by Angelina Jolie in a pair of action-packed films, the first coming in 2001.

But of course Tomb Raider has undergone quite a significant evolution over the years since it began life as a PlayStation video game and then a very of-its-time action film. Today’s visually stunning entries in the long-running gaming franchise indeed barely resemble the crude early editions in the series. And ever since 2018’s Tomb Raider reboot, the character of Croft belongs not to Jolie but Alicia Vikander. Despite the 2018 film’s decent worldwide box office take of $274 million, MGM seems in no hurry to make a sequel. However, things are slowly going forward on Tomb Raider 2 as in January it was announced that Lovecraft Country creator Misha Green had been hired to write and direct.

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Several months after Green tweeted her own confirmation of the news that she’s taking on the task of making Tomb Raider 2, the writer-director again got on social media to tease the project. In the process, Green may have revealed the new movie’s title, though she makes it clear that nothing is decided yet. According to the tweet, the now-finished first draft of Green’s script is entitled Tomb Raider: Obsidian. See the posting in the space below:

“Obsidian” may at first glance just seem like a cool-sounding word to put in the title of a movie, but the volcanic glass does have some significance to the Tomb Raider series. Firstly, obsidian blades are an obstacle Lara Croft frequently encounters in the tombs she is raiding. Also, “obsidians” are the collectibles Croft must find in a section of the puzzle-based game Lara Croft GO. Lastly, there’s an obsidian blade that’s an important item in the game Shadow of the Tomb Raider (a game Green herself has professed to be a fan of).

It remains to be seen if the presence of the word “obsidian” indicates some direct connection between Green’s script and something from the games. If the word is being used in the title, it’s likely that it does have some significance, even if it doesn’t refer directly to anything gamers would immediately know. For instance, it could be the name of some treasure Lara Croft is trying to find in the story. Or it could be the name of some secret organization she finds herself up again. Or the name of a character or a place. The important takeaway from Green’s tweet of course is that she’s finished the first draft, meaning things are moving along in the process. But Green herself cautions that this process is still a long way from over, meaning fans have a lengthy wait ahead of them to find out what she has in store with Tomb Raider 2.

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Source: Misha Green/Twitter

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