Troye Sivan And A Girl Group Challenge

In the third episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under the queens perform a girl group challenge and two queens unexpectedly land in the bottom.

The third episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under has arrived. This season has already been full of surprises and this episode continues to deliver the fun. The dolls are tasked with a girl group challenge that puts two unexpected queens in the bottom.

The episode begins with Coco Jumbo wiping off Art Simone’s mirror message. Art Simone was favored by many to win the entire competition and it was an absolute gag that she went home second. She wrote Redrum on the mirror, further solidifying that she is a legendary queen. Coco Jumbo expresses in a talking head that she once performed at a bar and the owner’s wife said to her “I just want you to know you are nothing compared to Art Simone”. Coco Jumbo certainly got the last laugh.

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Elektra Shock and Scarlet Adams win the silly lifeguard mini-challenge so they become team captains. Maxi Shield is the last girl picked for a team. This often brings up tons of childhood gym class trauma, but Maxi hilariously says “I don’t give a rat’s ass”. It’s so refreshing to see a confident queen who doesn’t care. This is why the show needs to keep casting drag queens over forty.

Elektra Shock shares that she once owned a dance studio and she lost it. She lost her business and her home. It’s a really striking storyline that is so (pardon the pun) shocking to hear. We rarely get a peek into how financially difficult it is to pay for the art form of drag and how tough it is to try to make a living doing it.

Team captain and choreographer Scarlet Adams says “I sort of wanted everyone to put their input into it. Some of the input was dumb”. These dolls are so shady. This is the vibe we have been missing from American Drag Race the last few years.

Pop sensation Troye Sivan makes a video appearance to wish the queens good luck. In the challenge the first group, which consists of Scarlet, Anita Wigl’It, Etcetera Etcetera, and Coco Jumbo kills it! Anita and Scarlet are especially fun and really showcase their styles of drag in their verses.

The second group is more like watching The Wiggles perform. Not to sound like a recess read but… this one is for babies. Karen From Finance, the current reigning front runner really serves a Barney verse. It is so slow and so elementary. The only stand-out slay is Elektra Shock who serves a sexy rap verse and dances the house down…under! Maxi Shield struggles tremendously with the choreography and just generally seems self-conscious during her verse. Some of these girls were singing Down Under pitch.

The runway theme is a play on Australian Proms. These Drag Race Down Under looks are really very bad. Drag Race UK found that fun mix between the way too expensive designer gowns on American Drag Race and these truly fashion backward bargain rack looks we are seeing on this new franchise. Australia and New Zealand could take some notes from Canada’s Drag Race on how to make a budget look beautiful.

Elektra gets read on the runway for what Michelle calls “basic drag” and they really do not like that she shined brighter in the challenge than the rest of her team. Elektra has stepped up her aesthetic but it is not enough for Michelle this week.

Elektra is so deep in her feelings that she starts throwing mad shade in the confessionals. She says “Scarlett is just annoying” and too full of herself. The drama is happening Down Under.

The winner of this week’s challenge is Scarlet Adams. She is really starting to show up in this competition. Her runway looks are spectacular and she was excellent in the challenge. The bottom two this week are Coco Jumbo and Elektra Shock. Drag Race Down under is bringing the twists this season! It really felt like Maxi Shield was going home this week. Two of the most fun and charming queens are in the bottom. Both girls turn it out but Elektra really proves she is a star to beat. Coco Jumbo sashays away.

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