Ugly Betty: All Main Characters Ranked By Likability

The characters in Ugly Betty were all wildly entertaining and redeemable. With the show’s colorful and ridiculous plot twists, even the more malicious characters were hilarious and delightfully dramatic.

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Every character was flawed and had brilliant backstories making them all memorable in their own way. The series made it difficult to dislike any character wholeheartedly, as they often learned from their mistakes and their relationships warmed. But, even so, some characters were more likable than others.

17 Bradford Meade

Ugly Betty Bradford Meade image compilation featuring Wilhelmina

Bradford Meade was a character many viewers disliked. He pitted his children against each other, with Daniel believing he favored Alexis, while Alexis knew of the intention of her father’s actions. His relationship with Clarie was complicated, both having affairs during their marriage, but their final farewell was loving. Bradford’s last words to Betty were to look after Daniel, as he believed her to be the only one who could keep him on his path.

16 Matt Hartley

Matt Hartley Ugly Betty compilation

Matt was initially a fairly uninteresting character, but he eventually worked his way into the hearts of viewers. His treatment of Betty in the final season turned many fans against him, as they were surprised by the sudden change from the previously kind and funny character to a person who went out of his way to hurt Betty. Matt ultimately redeemed himself, but his character still receives mixed opinions from viewers.



13 Wilhelmina Slater

Wilhelmina Slater Ugly Betty image compilation

Wilhelmina is the main antagonist of the show, but she isn’t loathed. She’s fashionable, witty, and fierce, out for the Editor and Chief job she was passed over for. Wilhelmina wasn’t cold-hearted. She wanted to find love, to do what she loved, and would sneak in praise unexpectedly. She loved who she was but also wanted more. Her character had incredible chemistry with those around her. The show couldn’t have been what it was without her.

12 Henry Grubstick

Henry Grubstick Ugly Betty image compilation featuring Betty

Henry is the sweet accountant, the guy who just happens to know things. He is chivalrous and kind for the most part, but his jealousy often controls his actions in the case of Betty. Henry wants a life with Betty, but also has a baby with his ex Charlie, which makes things uncomfortable for everyone in the long term as their lives clash. Betty and Henry end things but remain amicable when they bump into each other with their new partners.

11 Gio Rossi

Gio Rossi Ugly Betty image compilation featuring Betty

Gio is the sandwich guy with big dreams of condiment bars and fresh bread. He falls for Betty, but he doesn’t bend over backward, telling her how he sees things and revealing truths she would avoid or wasn’t aware of. He encourages her to stay involved in the current writing scene.

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He is very aware of the people around him and finds himself dragged into a whirlwind of chaos whenever he’s around Betty. Although the two had chemistry, there was a whirlwind, leading to some ill feelings between the two until their accidental reunion in London.

10 Marc St. James

Image compilation of Marc St. James in Ugly Betty featuring Betty and Wilhelmina

Marc came off as an ambitious bully to Betty and those around him, caught up and thickly involved in Wilhelmina’s schemes. But even during those times, he often stopped himself and others from going too far. Marc’s warmth, seemingly absent at times, radiated in his relationship with Amanda, and their slow-burn friendship with Betty. Marc became close with Justin Suarez and became a confidant and friend, a mentor, a role he naturally slipped into.

9 Alexis Meade

Alexis Meade Ugly Betty compilation featuring Betty and Daniel

Alexis Meade changes allegiances several times throughout the show, but eventually sides with her family. She planned revenge against her father for his ill-treatment of her when she revealed she wanted to transition from male to female.

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Alexis’s relationship with Daniel developed over time as the two siblings got to know the people they had changed into during their time apart. Alexis pushed a pregnant Christina down the stairs and accidentally framed her brother but regretted and felt remorse over her actions.

8 Hilda Suarez

Hilda Suarez and Suarez family Ugly Betty

Hilda was skeptical of Betty’s job at first, believing her sister didn’t belong at a place like MODE. But as the series continued, Hilda and Betty’s sisterhood strengthened as they faced family challenges and personal hardships. Hilda loves her son for who he is and sees the good in Marc. She pursues her own dream and is congenial while also being badass.

7 Justin Suarez

Justin Suarez image compilation Ugly Betty

Justin is an encouraging presence on the show and a person who is true to who he is. He loves the world of fashion and is overjoyed when his aunt gets a job as Daniel Meade aka The Editor and Chief of MODE’s personal assistant. Justin is funny and loveable, and the relationship he has with his mother and grandfather is one of safety, support, and love.

6 Amanda Tanen

Ugly Betty image compilation of Amanda Tanen

Amanda’s character development turned the confused and lost receptionist into someone in search of her identity, her passion, and her father. Amanda’s personality grew as the seasons went on, making her unforgettable for her wise, whacky, and wild moments. Amanda’s journey helped her to become more responsible, kind, and thoughtful. Marc and Amanda’s friendship kept them afloat in MODE, serving through their connection to each other and their dreams. While Amanda’s friendship with Betty was genuinely improved by their roommate situation.

5 Christina McKinney

Christina Mckinney Ugly Betty compilation

Like Betty, Christina also considers herself an outcast in the workplace of MODE. The two become close friends and looked out for each other, sharing their troubles and outlandish situations.

McKinney becomes ensnared in Wilhelmina’s schemes when her only opportunity to move forward as a designer is held in the balance. She is also Wilhelmina’s surrogate when her husband needs money for an experimental treatment. Christina’s heart is in the right place, as she accidentally hurts the ones she loves.

4 Claire Meade

Claire Meade Ugly Betty image compilation featuring Betty, Daniel and Alexis

Claire Meade is protective of her family. She puts her family over her own freedom, choosing to share a final interaction with her children and dying husband instead of fleeing the country with her fellow escapee, Yoga.

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Claire gives Betty motherly guidance in their very first meeting and the two form a close bond. Claire is also thrilled at the return of her son Alex, now daughter Alexis, and excepts Alexis’s transition and the difficulty of her decision to fake her death.

3 Ignacio Suarez

Ignacio Suarez Ugly Betty

Ignacio Suarez is there for his family. He wants Betty and Hilda to follow their dreams, and see’s their mother in both of them. He finds it hard to let go, but he understands their need for growth and independence.

His cooking and home are imbued with love, always having his family’s favorites on hand, even selling the secret to his mole sauce recipe to save their family home. Ignacio is sweet yet firm, used to his daughter’s crazy situations, and familiar with his own.

2 Daniel Meade

An image compilation of Daniel Meade from Ugly Betty

Daniel’s behavior in the first episode showed someone lost and reluctant, following the crowd. But, his character development throughout the show was incredible, subtly changing with each passing experience.

He fumbles, panics—often from fear or caring too much—and makes careless mistakes, but he isn’t afraid of asking for help. He’s just, protective, and fair, taking the blame for his actions because he can’t stand to see his loved ones hurt.

1 Betty Suarez

Betty Suarez Ugly Betty photo compilation featuring Daniel

As one might imagine, Betty is the heart of the show. She is bright, colorful, ambitious, understanding, and the guiding light to those around her. She makes her mistakes, falls hopelessly in love, makes one sacrifice after the other, is constantly saving MODE from the schemes of Wilhelmina, and learns that her responsibility in her family is a shifting dynamic. Betty’s optimism, compassion, and ingenuity made her inspiring.

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