What Happened To Australian Outback’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Elisabeth Hasselbeck competed on Survivor: The Australian Outback and had an illustrious career co-hosting The View afterwards. What is she up to now?

As one of the most notable contestants on Survivor: The Australian Outback, Elisabeth Hasselbeck was able to find fame after the show. What has she been up to lately, and where are all the places she’s gone after her season of Survivor wrapped up in the early 2000s?

Elisabeth was a member of the Kucha tribe in the second season of Survivor. She was there when one of her tribemates fell into the fire, an instantly iconic moment for a show during the most-watched season. After finishing fourth on the second season of Survivor, Elisabeth has expressed little interest in returning to the show again, though her national profile has earned interest from casting on several occasions. To date, she is one of the most successful contestants to compete on the show, and she was fortunate to be cast at a time when Survivor was a national phenomenon.

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After Survivor, Elisabeth was a regular on the daytime talk show The View from 2003-13. She was a conservative voice on the show, and nearly quit once after a verbal altercation with Barbara Walters. In 2013, she joined Fox & Friends, but left the show in 2015 to spend more time with her family. She married former pro quarterback Tim Hasselbeck in 2002. The family has three children now. Since stepping away from television, Elisabeth has stayed out of the public eye, though she still posts often on Instagram.

Elisabeth lives with celiac disease and promotes her gluten-free cooking on her social media. She has also been outspoken about promoting breast cancer awareness. While Elisabeth was content to not be on Survivor after one season — be it for health, family, or a combination of both — she still enjoys reminiscing on her experience on the show. This past week, she posted on her Instagram Story reliving a notable challenge where contestants had to stand on a totem pole in the water for as long as possible.

Although many views Elisabeth has expressed publicly have been problematic, Survivor fans still enjoy going back and reliving old seasons like the Australian Outback and watching then-Elisabeth Filarski’s journey. It was a season that took a mighty physical toll on much of the cast, perhaps none moreso than Elisabeth. It was also a season that existed prior to the advent of swaps and hidden immunity idols, when tribes believed that staying loyal to their original tribe post-merge was the clearest path forward. Much has changed since then, not only in Survivor, but also in the life of one of its earliest stars.

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