Why Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Is Talking About Mental Health

Since his recent arrest, Ronnie has been talking a lot about mental health on Instagram. Is this his way of fixing his damaged reputation?

Star of Jersey Shore Ronnie Ortiz-Magro has been talking an awful lot about mental health on social media since his recent arrest. Ronnie was arrested in April at his home in Los Angeles, California due to domestic violence allegations. Since his short break from social media, Ronnie has continuously been posting quotes about mental health on his Instagram story.

Just days after his arrest, both Ronnie and his girlfriend, Saffire Matos, released individual statements on their respective Instagram accounts regarding the incident. At the time, Saffire claimed she and Ronnie were doing fine, despite the news and rumors spreading across the web. Following the statements, both Saffire and Ronnie remained quiet on social media for quite some time. As more news began to surface surrounding the incident, not a word was spoken by either of the two. Fans began to wonder if they actually stayed together, or if the incident led to a breakup.

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After some time, Saffire subtly made her return to social media by posting a since-deleted Tik Tok video bashing Ronnie. In the midst of it, Ronnie slowly began to post again as well. He repeatedly shared different quotes and messages about mental health on his Instagram story. Prior to his recent arrest, Ronnie typically did not post this type of content. It was not until after his latest domestic violence incident that he began to share more about mental health on social media. Many fans believe Ronnie is using a mental health battle as an excuse for his inexcusable actions, almost as though he is trying to play the victim when he clearly was not. On top of that, he is also working to restore his damaged reputation. Below are just some of the Instagram stories Ronnie has posted recently regarding mental health.

Amongst the many messages he has shared were quotes from people such as Michelle Obama and author Shannon L. Alder. Michelle’s quote touched on the way mental illness is perceived in the US, while Shannon’s encouraged individuals to not give up on their loved ones who battle with mental illness. Because of the timing of the posts, as well as he and Saffire later confirming they are still together, many believe Ronnie guilted Saffire into staying with him. In one of the photos Ronnie posted alongside Saffire, he included an angel’s halo over her head, as if he was praising her. In the midst of all of these cryptic posts, Ronnie also shared a lengthy message about soulmates being there for each other through all the good and bad. He is trying hard to prove the arrest was just a misunderstanding and he and Saffire are truly happy together.

While people are often encouraged to promote mental health awareness, that was not the case with Ronnie. His posts were not perceived as being genuine. Instead, it felt like Ronnie was pushing the idea that, because he is battling with his mental health, fans should sympathize with him despite his repeated mistakes. Perhaps this is his way of trying to keep his job on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation while also attempting to detach himself from this villain persona that has been built around his character.

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