10 Reasons Capcom Needs To Remake Dino Crisis For PS5 & XSX

The age of remakes and remasters has seemed to have entered a new surge in popularity and with good reason. Their contributions to game preservation are one such boon. Namely from Capcom, who’s been surging themselves in a redemption arc over the last few years, as Resident Evil 2 was promptly critically acclaimed.

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RE3 was recently remade, and it’s a poorly kept secret that is in the works too. However, now’s the time to dig up forgotten IPs and give them a modern makeover. Dino Crisis is prime for this and is under Capcom’s control, and its well-received first two games are still fondly remembered. With the atmosphere around remakes positive and the publisher’s rebuilt image, here are 10 reasons it’s time for Capcom to remake Dino Crisis.

10 A Cult Classic

Dino Crisis cover art featuring protagonist Regina and the original PlayStation logo

Despite Capcom being largely known for Resident EvilMonster HunterDevil May Cry, and Street FighterDino Crisis managed to establish itself as a ’90s cult classic in its own right. Despite obvious RE cues, it proved an exciting survival-horror game with a new theme and was well-received on the original PlayStation. It’s become a bit of a sad meme online with fans desperately wondering when Capcom will even acknowledge the franchise’s existence.

There’s speculation of a remake, with them renewing the trademark and claiming they’re intending to revive some of their old IPs, but nothing concrete. A Dino Crisis remake under their brand name coupled with the goodwill reestablished among fans and bringing in new ones would be a worthwhile endeavor.

9 Resident Evil + Jurassic Park

Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil 4 and the T-Rex breakout scene in the original Jurassic Park

The game(s) clearly took heavy inspiration from the successes of Resident Evil, but that’s not a bad thing. The concept of mixing the survival-horror RE games with dinosaurs and Jurassic Park is a more than welcome “clone.” It’s a compelling formula, and the game did well in capturing some of the essence of Michael Crichton’s novel too, as it delved heavily into gory, horror elements.

Pairing this project also under Capcom’s supervision makes it better, as they have a clear experience in the genre thanks to their flagship horror franchise. With Resident Evil reestablishing its foothold and legendary reputation, Dino Crisis would excel with its inherent premise under modern-day Capcom.

8 Potential Of Current-Gen Exclusives

Shots of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X

With the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, the power at developers’ disposal is vast. Both consoles are incredibly powerful, firmly establishing 4K resolution, 60fps+, and lightning-fast SSD load times as the new standard. Capcom would have immense power in their hands with a Dino Crisis remake if they make it exclusive to current-gen hardware/software.

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They’re a big name in the gaming industry as publishers and developers, making it more than likely they’d be able to secure a sizeable and well-equipped, talented team. It’d still be a good notch above even if it was cross-gen, and certainly more accessible, but since no such remake is in the cards as far as we know, it would allow for time to pass, with PS5/XSX more accessible and a remake more powerful.

7 Simultaneous/Eventual PC Port

Art for the original Dino Crisis and promo of the RTX 3080 GPU

Of course, something as big as a hypothetical triple-A remake of Dino Crisis on PS5 and XSX would likely lead to a PC version as well. Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 and are both on PC, as well as the two recent mainline sequels. A PC version could either get a simultaneous release along with the two heavy-hitter consoles or get an eventual one down the line akin to Monster Hunter World and the Iceborne DLC expansion–as well as their most recent hit with MH Rise on Switch.

Especially if a Dino Crisis remake is exclusively current-gen, a PC version would be a visual and gameplay feast given the hardware available there. It may need to wait similarly to PS5/XSX given poor accessibility, but the RTX 30 series GPUs would present incredible performance opportunities.

6 Return Of Dinosaur-Themed Games

The T-Rex in the final scene of the original Jurassic Park movie

As fun and no-brainer of a concept dinosaur-themed games seem on paper, there has been next to nothing on that front in the mainstream space. The best players can hope for are indies, and while the indie scene has plenty of incredible games in general, good dinosaur games are tough to come by. They’re typically either stuck in Steam Early Access or unbearably janky.

It’s a thrilling concept, but it’s unfortunately underused despite Dino Crisis presenting a great formula to use. Capcom ushering in a triple-A dinosaur game with their development prowess would be a welcome return to dinosaurs in gaming.

5 The RE Engine

Leon Kennedy fighting a zombie in Resident Evil 2 and Jill Valentine in Resident Evil 3

Something that would help power a potential Dino Crisis remake reach the gameplay and technical heights suggested earlier would be Capcom’s own RE Engine. It’s one of the most mouthwatering possibilities that come with the thought of the game being rebuilt from the ground up in the modern age. The RE Engine is the foundation for the RE2 and remakes, and it shouldn’t need to be said those games are visual marvels.

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Monster Hunter Rise is even built on the engine, working like witchcraft to make the game astoundingly beautiful in spite of the Switch’s hardware limitations. With how Capcom made the two RE remakes look graphically, a Dino Crisis remake using the RE Engine would surely be stunning on PS5/XSX/PC, particularly in the dinosaurs–like Raptors and the “Mr. X/Nemesis” T-Rex–that would feature in the games.

4 Alien: Isolation Inspiration

Cover art for Alien: Isolation and Tim hiding from Raptors in the kitchen from Jurassic Park

Resident Evil aside, another ripe source of inspiration for a remake could be in the surprise hit Alien: Isolation. The game proved a great survival-horror romp in unsettling, claustrophobic settings and the terror of being persistently hunted by an apex predator. Fans have already clamored before online for a Jurassic Park-themed game influenced by Isolation, just replacing the alien with dinosaurs like Velociraptors.

Of course, more species would be a must, but this would serve as a good blueprint for a survival-horror game dealing with wild animals rather than zombies. Combine Isolation with the third-person perspective and combat mechanics of the RE remakes, and Capcom already has a rich recipe.

3 Similar Approach To Resident Evil 2

Art for the Resident Evil 2 remake with Leon and Claire, and the Dino Crisis PS cover art

Though, going back to RE, the first game being remade could take a similar approach to the remake of Resident Evil 2. The original Dino Crisis took place in a single facility, akin to RE2 being largely set in the RPD during a zombie breakout. Regina is tasked with apprehending a scientist secretly leading a weapons project at the research facility, where dinosaurs are stalking in and around.

Being able to tastefully recreate the ominous, haunting and tense environments within the context of Dino Crisis’s setting would be thrilling to adventure through. The threats present would give a whole new version of fear and heightened combat pacing and stealth, which also mean different gameplay styles.

2 Pave The Way For Dino Crisis 2

Dino Crisis 2 cover art and gameplay featuring Dylan running from the Giganotosaurus

Naturally, should the first get its deserved resurrection and prove a critical and commercial success, it could pave the way for a Dino Crisis 2 remake. The second essentially improved upon the first in every way and upped the dinosaur species variety and a new, more open jungle wilderness setting.

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There’s no need for an open-world genre mix, but an environment expansion similar to the RE3 remake could prove effective. As long as the groundwork is set and well executed in a remake for the original, remaking the sequel would be a sure-fire hit–as long as it doesn’t gut too much content from the original like RE3.

1 Dino Crisis 3 Redemption

Dino Crisis 3 gameplay shots featuring the game's alien dinosaurs

Dino Crisis 3 was the black sheep for the mainline games for good reason. For one, a PlayStation 2 version was canned in development and only ever featured on the original Xbox, plagued by painful camera and gameplay controls. It also featured a future sci-fi setting with a brand new cast and alien dinosaurs.

As far as the premise is concerned given RE‘s reputation for the weird, it’s not bad but came at a bad time. Dino Crisis 3 could eventually be rebooted entirely to be a direct sequel to 2, or keep its premise and be remade as an offshoot/spinoff to be a more compelling and comfortable gameplay experience and redeem the mechanically clunky original.

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