10 Spinoffs The Show Could Have Done (That Fans Want)

After six incredible seasons, Schitt’s Creek came to an end in 2020. Thanks to streaming, however, the show has picked up a new array of fans singing its praises. From start to finish, the Rose family transformed in front of viewers’ eyes as they left their wealthy, judgmental ways behind for a new life in the small town of Schitt’s Creek.

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And while the show wrapped up perfectly, fans want more. Each member of the Rose family was starting a new chapter with endless possibilities by the series finale. Because of its open ending, the opportunities for a spinoff are abundant. Fans took to Reddit to share the spinoffs they would enjoy watching to get their fill of Moira, Johnny, David, Alexis, and even the townspeople of Schitt’s Creek.

10 Moira Runs Her Own Theatre Company

Does anything sound more fitting than Moira Rose starting her own theater company? As soon as Moira heard about Schitt’s Creek’s acapella group, the Jazzagals, she jumped on the opportunity to be a part of it. Sure, Moira wanted to be the star of each performance but she also enjoyed directing the group. Due to her wise advice and direction, the Jazzagals were better than ever. Watching a spinoff of Moira becoming the director of a theatre company, or starting her own theater company, sounds right up her alley.

9 Emir And His Travels

Ennis Esmer as Emir + Emily Hampshire as Stevie Budd on Schitt's Creek

Emir Kaplan appeared in season 5 of Schitt’s Creek as a travel blogger who was known for his reviews on small-town motels. Johnny and Stevie did everything they could to make sure Emir wrote nice things about the Rosebud Motel, and Stevie even had feelings for him.

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Their brief romance gave more insight into Emir and his profession. He traveled across the country writing about off-the-beaten-path establishments and the people he met. His stories would be fascinating enough for a spinoff. Each episode could follow Emir as he ventured to a new town to check out a new motel or a new restaurant.

8 Alexis In The Big Apple

At the end of Schitt’s Creek, Alexis was gearing up for a new life in New York City. She was planning on living with David and Patrick but when they decided to stay in Schitt’s Creek, she braved going to New York alone. A spinoff of Alex’s life in New York seems like the next logical story for a spinoff. As one fan said, her story is “just starting.” She’s starting from scratch and making a name for herself in an intimidating city.

7 The Roses In The Future

The Roses in front of the Rosebud Motel in Schitt's Creek

Schitt’s Creek ended with each member of the Rose family starting a new chapter. Nothing would make fans happier than seeing a spinoff of their new lives a couple of years in the future.

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If the spinoff took place 5 or 10 years in the future, it would answer fans’ questions about their careers, personal relationships, and bond with each other. The Roses ended the series as close as ever, it would be interesting to see if that bond stayed the same since moving out of the motel.

6 A Christmas Special

Schitts Creek Merry Christmas Johnny Rose S4E13

In “Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose,” fans saw a flashback of the Roses life before they lost everything. It was Christmas Eve and the Roses had an incredibly lavish holiday party. Their mansion was decorated beautifully, Moira and David were singing carols, and people were genuinely enjoying the classy evening. But as gorgeous as the party was, the family bond between the Roses was missing. Johnny was surrounded by people but felt alone. Having a Christmas special would be a marvelous spin on what was already seen. The carols, the drama, the holiday spirit — it would be the gift that keeps on giving.

5 A Little Bit Alexis

Alexis in earrings and dress, standing by a field

One of the best parts of Alexis’s character is all of the wild stories she tells from her past. From celebrities she’s dated to dangerous situations she’s gotten herself out of, Alexis’s past is full of drama, action, and partying. Instead of a spinoff of her life in New York, some fans would love to see a prequel of Alexis’s life as a party girl. Jet setting, yacht hopping, boyfriend snagging — Alexis’s life before Schitt’s Creek seems like a dream world. Her brother and parents would make guest stars in the series as viewers are introduced to Alexis’s circle of friends and lovers.

4 David & Patrick’s Life In Schitt’s Creek

David and Patrick hugging outside and smiling

One of the more obvious spinoffs that fans wouldn’t mind seeing is David and Patrick’s life in Schitt’s Creek. It would be interesting seeing how David handles Schitt’s Creek without his family around. Luckily for David, he’s never really alone without his family. He would have Stevie around the corner and, of course, his husband Patrick. The spinoff could carry on the story of Rose Apothecary and David and Patrick’s new life as they move into their dream home in the country.

3 The Roses Life Before Arriving In Schitt’s Creek

Schitt's Creek - the Rose family sitting in the motel room, dressed fancy

It’s not just a prequel of Alexis’s life that fans are interested in, they’re also dying to see the Rose family’s life before they lost it all. Moira’s life as an actress in the public eye would be comical, Johnny’s day-to-day business shenanigans would be interesting, and everything Alexis and David did away from their parents would make great television. The Rose family wasn’t as close back then as they are in the show, which means the prequel would have more separate shots of the family members doing their own things than their lives together as a unit.

2 Twyla Takes New York

Moira and Twlya at the Cafe Tropical

At the end of Schitt’s Creek, Alexis begs Twyla to come to New York City. It was revealed that Twyla won the lottery a few years back and had extra cash to spare, so a trip to New York could be in her future. The two ladies became closer than both of them realized by season 6. In a spinoff, Twyla could visit Alexis in New York and stay with her for a few weeks while she conducted new business for the cafe. Alexis would show Twyla the ins and outs of her busy life and try to convince her to stay. Deep down, Twyla always knew she belonged in Schitt’s Creek but living a double life for a few weeks would be a fun continuation of Schitt’s Creek.

1 All About Ray

Rizwan Manji as Ray Butani on Schitt's Creek

Ray Butani is a jack of all trades in town. If there’s something that needs to be done, Jay is typically the guy that’s called. He’s the town’s photographer, a realtor, a travel agent, the list goes on! Learning more about Ray and his passion for multiple careers would make a fun spinoff. One fan suggested a spinoff where viewers learn more about Ray and the businesses he runs. He would meet interesting people, be thrown through funny scenarios, and be a huge part of the town. Due to his character’s importance in Schitt’s Creek guest stars like Roland, Twyla, and Jocelyn would be a fun addition.

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