Andrew Reveals Cheap Gifts Amira Gave Him

90 Day Fiancé’s Andrew Kenton reveals Amira Lollysa’s cheap gifts that she bragged about at the Tell-All. He claims the items are worth less than $15.

Andrew Kenton of 90 day Fiancé is unveiling the cheap gifts he got from Amira Lollysa. These are the gifts that she bragged about at the Tell-All. He claimed that the gifts were bought from some random Serbian gift shop, and they are not worth more than $15. Even though Andrew has been labeled as the villain of 90 day Fiancé season 8, he has some loyal fans on social media who believe his side of the story. Earlier, the daycare dude was praised by his fans after he shared weight loss pictures.

90 Day Fiancé‘s Andrew told his Instagram family that he had dropped 100 pounds. He shared a shirtless picture to flaunt his slimmer and muscular physique. He now feels more confident and has more energy. However, some fans haven’t forgotten about the 90 Day Fiancé Tell-All, during which Amira claimed that her relationship with Andrew was toxic. The 28-year-old beauty said that she sent gifts for Andrew and his family but never got a thank you message from them.

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After popular demand, Andrew is now revealing the gifts that Amira sent him months after their break-up. It was confusing for him to receive those gifts, but he has kept them all. He posted a video wearing the T-shirt that Amira sent him. He said Amira went to a Serbian shop and got him a $6 T-shirt, $6 napkin and a $1 flip mirror. 90 Day Fiancé‘s Andrew, who claims to be a teacher, said that the TLC producers did film him receiving these gifts, but they chose not to feature the footage on the show.

He blamed TLC for only showing Amira “acting sad about not receiving a thank you without showing” the gifts he actually got. He believes that Amira quickly picked up these cheap items from a Serbian gift shop without much thought. Andrew claimed these gifts show that the 90 Day Fiancé French-Egyptian beauty was “out at cafes, eating at restaurants, shopping and exploring.” He is confused as to why his ex would brag about these gifts at the Tell-All when they are obviously “cheap trinkets.” He thinks that she sent those gifts to “further her clout.” He concluded the post, “I turned the shirt into Joe Dirt for your amusement.

Many female fans commented that the black T-shirt actually looks good on Andrew, and he should keep it. However, a few fans think that 90 Day Fiancé‘s Andrew and Amira both played each other, and TLC was only documenting it. Some of Amira’s loyal fans called out Andrew for being “ungrateful.” They argued that Amira went out and picked those items for him because she thought about him; he shouldn’t have brought the cost into the discussion. Some 90 Day Fiancé viewers do believe that Amira had a relationship with Andrew in order to be on the show and get famous.

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Source: Andrew Kenton/Instagram

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