Disenchanted Director Teases Huge News Coming This Week

Disenchanted director Adam Shankman reveals a major update for the long-awaited Disney sequel will arrive this week, and it already sounds exciting.

Disenchanted director Adam Shankman teases a huge update is coming this week. Disney’s beloved 2007 live-action/animated hybrid Enchanted is finally getting a sequel, and anticipation is steadily building. The original movie starred Amy Adams as princess-to-be Giselle who, on the day of her wedding to Prince Edward (James Marsden), falls through a magical portal and lands in modern day New York City. Enchanted was a critical success, with many praising how it tackled Disney’s typical fairytale formula, and it helped turn Adams into a bona fide movie star.

A sequel has been in the works for years now, but it’s taken quite some time to come to fruition. Real progress finally kicked into gear late last year, when Enchanted 2 was formally announced and titled at Disney’s Investor Day event. The film will be a Disney+ exclusive, and it will feature the returns of original stars Adams, Patrick Dempsey, Idina Menzel, and Marsden. Newcomers to the world of Andalasia/NYC include Maya Rudolph, Jayma Mays, and Yvette Nicole Brown.

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With Disenchanted, Shankman takes over from the first movie’s Kevin Lima as director. This past weekend, Shankman posted a picture of himself on set and shared his enthusiasm for being back at work. Most excitingly, he wrote that there is “huge news coming this week on #disenchanted and #hocuspocus2 to discuss and we will lean into it all.” While he couldn’t say what said news will be, he added it’s “all REALLY REALLY good.” You can see Shankman’s full post down below.

Dempsey had previously said Disenchanted was looking to film in the spring, and it looks like work is officially underway. As for what this week’s news could be, there are many options. Footage from Disenchanted seems unlikely, but an official image of, say, Adams back in character as Giselle isn’t out of the question. There could perhaps be additional casting news as well, or even a release date. Right now, Disenchanted doesn’t have a time frame, but Disney might be willing to release something now that production has begun.

An Enchanted 2 has been a long time coming, but it’s finally happening now. There are still many questions surrounding the project, such as whether any other familiar faces from Enchanted will return or what the plot will be. After years of virtual radio silence, it’s actually refreshing to have several new updates arriving within the past few months, with another one on the way this week. Should it be a release date, fans might finally know exactly when they can expect to see this next chapter in Giselle’s story. Provided production just started, Disenchanted might not get to premiere on Disney+ until early next year. In that case, fans will already have something to look forward to going into 2022. Stay tuned for more updates this week.

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Source: Adam Shankman/Instagram

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