New Manga’s Hero Is The Reverse Vegeta of Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball’s Vegeta would never do what the hero of the manga I Think I’ll Hide My True Ability to the Last Moment has done for his entire life.

The name of a new manga called I Think I’ll Hide My True Ability to the Last Moment perfectly encapsulates how the “I” in the title is the exact opposite of Dragon Ball‘s Vegeta.

Ever since his debut as a villain and well into his tenure as a hero, the Saiyan prince Vegeta has never gone into a fight holding back his true power for more than just a few seconds, if that. It’s one of the reasons why he complements the Saiyan Goku so well. Whereas Goku relishes in fighting to such an alarming extent that he is willing to put his life on the line to both extend and even add an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to every battle, Vegeta is more obsessed with ensuring everyone knows how powerful (and amazing) he is. Even more importantly, he doesn’t want there to be a remote chance that someone could perceive him as weak. Even though he has been surpassed by Goku numerous times, Vegeta possesses the innate talent of eliminating from his mind any potential outcome where he could lose.

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In contrast, The Last Moment‘s Yuno Astario has spent the entirety of his life both suppressing and ensuring no one knows of his true powers to the point where everyone not only views him as weak but refers to him to his face as incompetent. His acting is so convincing that even his own father has given up on him. But the truth is that, upon his birth, an unknown god named Zeus imparted unto Yuno what Zeus referred to as “immense powers” that would lead to him experiencing a “prosperous future.” So why wouldn’t Yuno want a prosperous future? The reasoning behind such an effort, one that the Saiyan prince Vegeta would never even deign to consider for just a moment, is based both on the fact that he has been unable to control his powers and they could cause a great calamity.

Even more intriguing is that, because of his own proprietary experiences, Yuno later puts himself in a situation where he feels as though he has no other choice but to continue the charade. In this particular manga, people can form a contract with one god, the completion of which augments the user’s powers and determines their life going forward. After Yuno’s grades, not his abilities, get him into the most prestigious school, the teacher invites an incompetent, nameless goddess to discuss this phenomena with the class. Of course, a bully starts taunting the goddess so relentlessly that Yuno can’t help but empathize with her predicament and he makes a contract with her right there in class and he names her Athena.

Now, the boy has endeavored to slowly release his true power under the guise that he is gaining these newfound abilities on account of his contract with Athena, so everyone will love and respect her. But, of course, particularly shrewd classmates have begun to see through this elaborate ruse, forcing Yuno to further double-down and weave more intricate lies.

While it’s understood that Yuno’s original intentions are fueled out of a fear of losing control of his powers, it’s crucial to realize that, in this manga, he bears this burden alone, making it possible for him to sustain the facade for so long. Not even his own parents are aware of his abilities, and so he grows up not having to rely on any support. While an unfortunate circumstance, he has become accustomed to this and has never viewed strength as an important asset. As for Vegeta, he was born a prince, and his subjects regarded him as essentially a god who was destined to become the strongest Saiyan and possibly even the legendary Super Saiyan. Being exposed to such reverence for such a prolonged period of time engrained it in his psyche that power is crucial, and soon his entire identity became predicated on him amassing more. Could Dragon Ball‘s Vegeta have become like I Think I’ll Hide My True Ability to the Last Moment‘s Yuno if he had been regarded his whole life as a weakling?

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