Superstore: The Funniest Characters, Ranked

The NBC series, Superstore, is successful at bringing a smile to viewers’ faces. It’s a sitcom that manages to be funny while also addressing social justice issues that are often overlooked on television. One doesn’t take away from the other, and the series manages to balance its two major aspects perfectly.

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Much of the humor stems from the ridiculous situations that emerge behind the scenes of the big box store, but it’s the characters that make or break the show. All of the employees bring something different to Cloud 9, and they all vary in terms of comedic effect.

10 Glenn

Glenn has his moments, but there’s a difference between being a funny character and being an annoying one. Glenn is the latter, and his over-the-top personality gives more of a reason for eye-rolls than laughs.

When the other characters play off of him it can be amusing, but the credit goes to them rather than Glenn. Glenn is a good person who wants to do the right thing, but his world views are outdated, which makes just stomaching his character difficult at times.

9 Amy

Amy is the protagonist of Superstore, but she was never written to be the funniest person out of the group. Without characters like Amy, ensembles would be made up of nonsensical chaos. Amy keeps the group together and prevents them from going off the rails.

She’s the voice of reason that every comedy needs, but she can also be funny on her own. While Amy doesn’t have a lot of great punchlines, her determination to follow the rules makes it entertaining to watch her let loose.

8 Carol

Carol tells everyone about her settlement.

Carol is more scary than funny, and employees go out of their way to avoid her at all costs. She’s not one who usually manages to elicit outright laughs, but her unique personality mixes well with the rest of the ensemble.

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Carol’s portrayed as crazy and unpredictable, and her ongoing feud with Sandra is one of the funniest things about her character. She didn’t appear too often in the earlier seasons, but Carol began to stand out more in the second half of the series.

7 Garrett

Garrett is the straight man of Superstore. He’s one of the few people who seems to be aware of just how crazy the people around him are, and he only pays attention to their ridiculous schemes to keep himself amused during work hours.

Garrett’s dry humor is usually a result of his co-workers’ outlandish actions, and he can make viewers pick up on things that even they didn’t notice about the employees. Additionally, his negative attitude about work and lack of motivation is something that plenty of fans can relate to.

6 Mateo

Mateo from Superstore

Mateo’s biggest issue is that he confuses being mean with being funny. His insults are hostile, and he makes fun of the characters in ways that could actually hurt their feelings. In the earlier seasons, there was a better balance between Mateo’s lack of a filter and his comedic energy.

But as the show went on he became someone who will gladly manipulate his friends to get what he wants out of them. Mateo and Cheyenne are one of the funniest duos in the show, but when he’s on his own, he can be infuriating.

5 Cheyenne

Cheyenne Lee in the Cloud 9 break room in Superstore.

At first, Superstore tried to make Cheyenne the stereotypical dumb character whose comedy came from her lack of intelligence. She was young, naive, and needed someone like Amy to stop her from making horrible mistakes.

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As Cheyenne grew up throughout Superstore’s six seasons, she became wiser, but still kept an air of innocence. Her lack of understanding of how the world works often lined up with people’s preconceived notions in real life, and she became a representation of the ignorance in the world.

4 Sandra

Superstore got even funnier when Sandra was added to the cast as a series regular. Sandra was always afraid to speak up for herself and she always talked about how sad her life was. Once, she even admitted to playing The Sims so she could pretend to have a family.

Viewers couldn’t help but feel bad for Sandra, and similarly to Jerry from Parks and Recreation, she was the butt of the joke. The jokes were often too hilarious not to laugh at, but Sandra started to become a main source of comedy when she grew a backbone and switched from defense to offense.

3 Jonah

Jonah Simms gives a speech to the Cloud 9 customers.

There’s a lot of reasons why Jonah is the most likable character in the sitcom, and his sense of a humor is one of them. Rather than purposely trying to crack jokes, his entire existence is portrayed as the joke.

No matter how hard he tries, nothing ever goes right for Jonah, and while it’s heartbreaking to see such a kind-hearted character get knocked down so often, the humor of his situations overrule the sadness of them. Fans can sit back and enjoy Jonah’s rollercoaster of a life, knowing he gets everything he wants at the end of the series.

2 Marcus

Marcus White sings with a smile on his face

One of the only things wrong with Superstore was Marcus never becoming a series regular. While it could have been due to scheduling, Marcus should have been featured as heavily as possible.

Every word he says gives viewers a reason to laugh out loud, and his entire personality is so preposterous that it raises the question of how Marcus has been able to make it this far on his own. He has the best one-liners in the series, and the most comical episodes of Superstore are the ones that put him front and center.

1 Dina

Out of all the characters in Superstore, Dina is objectively the funniest one. She takes her job as the Cloud 9 assistant manager very seriously and runs the store like a drill sergeant. Dina never runs out of nicknames or insults, and her power struggle with Glenn is one of the most hilarious dynamics of the series.

Lauren Ash delivers the most ridiculous lines with a straight face, and her ability to keep her composure is impressive. No matter what the episode is about, Dina’s presence alone manages to make it comedic.

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