The Most Popular Actors Ranked By Instagram Followers

Looking at the social media accounts of the stars of The Big Bang Theory, it’s clear that Jim Parson is one of the most popular celebrities on Instagram today. In fact, some of the other members of the main cast, such as John Ross Bowie and Kevin Sussman, have all racked up impressive numbers.

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Many of the cast members use their platforms for good throughout the years. The actor behind Kripke used his Instagram to help out teachers and Stuart actor Kevin Sussman reads to his follower’s kids. But there is just as much goofy as there is serious content on the star’s pages.

9 John Ross Bowie – 160k

The Big Bang Theory Barry Kripke in Sheldon's Office

John Ross Bowie, the man behind Barry Kripke sits at over 160,000 followers at @johnrossbowie, which is less than his co-stars but still a lot of people nonetheless. Fans will remember Barry Kripke mostly for his workplace rivalry with Sheldon, which went on for several years as they tried to prove who was more intelligent.

Bowie uses his platform to help teachers through the #10featuredteachers hashtag on his highlights. Even though there are many things that don’t make sense about Barry, fans can tell why Bowie has the following he does.

8 Kevin Sussman – 625k

An image of Stuart sitting in a chair and another of him holding a book in The Big Bang Theory

Stuart’s comic book store may not have attracted a lot of people, but Kevin Sussman’s Instagram @kevsussman has over 625,000 followers. Some of Stuart’s most iconic moments include his date with Penny, his rendition of ‘Walking On Sunshine,’ and his general one-liners in the comic book store.

Sussman hasn’t been as active in 2021 as he was in 2020, with only one post so far this year but Sussman used his platform to read to his follower’s kids throughout the pandemic.

7 Wil Wheaton – 1.1m

The Big Bang Theory Sheldon At Wil Wheaton's Door

The actor who plays the celebrity on the show is slightly lower on the list than some of the other cast members but 1.1 million is still a lot of people and this number will include fans from The Big Bang Theory and Star Trek amongst others.

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The actor takes to his page @itswilwheaaton to post photos of podcasting, his pets, and his bedhead.

6 Melissa Rauch – 2.3m

Bernadette smirking

The actress who brought life to Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz, Melissa Rauch, has gained over 2 million followers over her time on the platform as @themelissarauch. Sadly, her husband on the show, Simon Helberg, does not have an Instagram account but fans can only imagine what kind of content he could come up with.

If kangaroo onesies, selfies, and great food are what fans want, then following Melissa on Instagram is where they will get it.

5 Kunal Nayyar – 2.8m

Rajesh Kuthrepali actor Kunal Nayyar is also on Instagram as @kunalkarmanayyar and, like his character Raj, he isn’t ashamed of a selfie or two…or twenty. There are many great Raj moments throughout the series and Kunal Nayyar’s posts are just as entertaining. Kunal’s captions are also just as great as his photos with many of them offering great words of wisdom.

4 Johnny Galecki – 3.2m

The Big Bang Theory Leonard On His Laptop at the Apartment

The actor behind Leonard Hofstadter has an impressive 3.2 million followers on his Instagram @sacnctionedjohnnygalecki. Galecki doesn’t post too often, having only posted 6 times in 2021. Leonard has always been the voice of reason, and even though Leonard wasn’t that popular in high school, the 3.2  million fans that Galecki now has are incredibly dedicated.

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As fans will be able to see from his account, he spends a lot of time with his family which certainly comes first but it’s always nice to get a peek into actors’ lives.

3 Mayim Bialik – 3.6m

Amy Farrah-Fowler actress Mayim Bialik takes third place with 3.6 million followers at @missmayim. Bialik does post regularly, with many of her posts featuring clips of her podcast The Bialik Breakdown. The podcast has had fellow Big bang stars Wil Wheaton and Brian Posehn while her Instagram stories feature some baking, her YouTube channel, and more from her podcast.

2 Kaley Cuoco – 6.7m

penny walking into t he boys apartment - tbbt

Coming in second place comes Kayley Cuoco at @kaleycuoco. Her character may not have racked up as many followers in her acting career but Cuoco’s long resume of projects over the years including The Big Bang Theory and 8 Simple Rules has gained her almost 7 million followers over the years.

Cuoco’s posts mainly consist of peeks into her everyday life as well as photos of her pets and her latest acting accomplishments.

1 Jim Parsons – 8.1m

the big bang theory

Not only does the famous Sheldon Cooper have the highest IQ, the actor who plays him, Jim Parsons, also has the highest number of Instagram followers of the lot coming in with 8.1 million at @therealjimparsons. This makes sense as this is probably also the number of iconic moments that Sheldon has had on the show.

Parsons does post fairly regularly and seems to be happy showing and sharing some great moments of his day. So if fans ever wonder what latest projects Parsons gets up to, they should check his account out.

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