Tiffany Exposes Secret About Off-Shoulder Dress Look

Fans have roasted Tiffany in the past for her off-the-shoulder tops, and in a recent tongue-in-cheek IG post, Tiffany winked back at her haters.

Fans love to roast Tiffany Franco Smith for her very specific fashion choices, but in a recent Instagram post, the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? star proved she can take criticism like a champ. Tiffany loves to show off her shoulders and lately fans have been extremely judgmental. However, Tiffany has shown that she can laugh off their mean comments and embrace her own beauty. Despite living in different countries, Tiffany and her husband Ronald are trying to make their marriage work, and she hasn’t got time to bother with haters.

On 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Tiffany met Ronald while vacationing in South Africa, and the couple quickly fell in love and got married. But after becoming pregnant and encountering issues securing Ronald’s visa, Tiffany moved back to the U.S. to have her baby, Since then the couple has seen hard times and Tiffany and Ronald briefly split up. However, the couple decided to reconcile and give it another shot. On Happily Ever After?, Tiffany is debating whether to end her marriage for good after getting fed up by Ronald’s inability to live up to his responsibilities as a husband and father.

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Many fans have criticized Tiffany’s poor relationship decisions, but they’ve also aggressively gone after her fashion decisions. Tiffany is clearly a huge fan of off-the-shoulder and cold-shoulder styles of tops, and some say her taste is dated. On her Instagram, Tiffany shared a new photo that winked right at her critics. She revealed that producers didn’t like her outfit choice in the still from a test shot and Tiffany said “at least you know they had you guys in mind they know you love my shoulders.” 

Tiffany’s tongue-in-cheek response had many followers laughing, but one in particular tried their best to rain on her parade. “Could shoulder tops are so freaking 5 years ago. Please cover them up,” the fan commented. Tiffany shot back, “Apparently not. I look Absolutely stunning with both my shoulders out…Even just one shoulder. It should be illegal to be this Gorgeous.” The commenter attempted to get under Tiffany’s skin, but fell flat every time. “The more I tell you about how DELICIOUS I am the more you try to convince me I’m not,” Tiffany said, “it doesn’t work.”

Fans can be extremely judgmental of Tiffany, but the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? star doesn’t seem to have time for her critics. The franchise’s female cast members are sometimes viciously targeted by fans and dragged for their appearance, and many times they take it too far. Tiffany has demonstrated tremendous resilience and self worth in her ability to shake off mean comments. Though her relationship troubles are nowhere near resolved, at least Tiffany can wear what she wants and feel fabulous in it, no matter what her haters have to say.

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Source: Tiffany Franco Smith/Instagram

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