What Happened To Corey & Erin After Season 3

Temptation Island season 3 messed with a lot of relationships. Find out what happened to Erin Smith and Corey Sobczyk after the show.

Erin Smith and Corey Sobczyk went onto Temptation Island season 3 to figure out their relationship issues. Erin was not sure whether Corey was the man that she wanted to be with, while Corey was insecure given that all of Erin’s previous boyfriends were professional athletes. There was a lot of insecurity and confusion in their relationship, and they hoped the island would help them figure it out. At the reunion, the couple wasn’t together, but it was filmed a long time ago. As such, let’s dive deep into what has happened to Erin and Corey after their time on Temptation Island.

This year, Temptation Island season 3 was not playing any games. The couples were thrown into the deep end and tested like never before. Most of the couples ended up cheating, with the exception of Erin and Corey, along with Julian Allen and Kristen Ramos, who got engaged at the end of the process. Despite Erin going onto the island with doubts about her relationship with Corey, she realized that he was what she wanted as the weeks progressed. Corey also grew in confidence and believed that he could be the man that Erin wanted. But at the reunion, they were singing a different tune.

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Even though Erin Smith and Corey Sobczyk left Temptation Island together after the final bonfire, it was revealed at the reunion that they were no longer together. The viewers were surprised at this outcome, as the couple seemed the most solid after Julian and Kristen. But soon after the reunion aired, Erin and Corey showed off their love on their respective social media profiles. Even season 1 star Morgan Lolar, who had gotten engaged and was then dumped by Evan Smith, congratulated them on their reunion.

Corey posted an adorable photo of Erin on his Instagram captioned, “The show may have ended but the journey continues.” A sweet sentiment to Erin, he went on to apologize for the fact that he wasn’t honest about what happened on the overnight date and after the show and said, “I did hide and lie.” However, the past is in the past and these two lovebirds are focused on their future together and all that life has in store for them.

Temptation Island can be a great risk and can break apart weak relationships as it did to Kendall and Erica Washington’s. For others, however, it can strengthen their connection and help them fix the broken parts, like Chelsea Brea and Tom Gipson did. Despite both of them dabbling in connections outside of their relationship, it helped them work on their issues and move forward. Erin and Corey were lucky enough to get a happy ending, and the Temptation Island fans are surely supporting them to go the distance.

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Source: Corey Sobczyk’s Instagram

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