X-Men Just Took a Huge Step Towards Their Darkest Possible Future

Powers of X depicts one of the worst alternate futures the X-Men have ever faced. But back in the present Professor X might have helped cause it.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Hellions #11!

The X-Men have been willing to do whatever it takes in order to save the mutant race from extinction, even if that means working with some of their greatest enemies. It’s for that reason that Mister Sinister was placed in charge of the Hellions team so that the X-Men could use his scientific brilliance for their own benefit. But as well intentioned as this plan was, it may have accidentally led to the creation of one of the worst alternate futures in mutant history.

During 2019’s Powers of X crossover, an incredibly dark future was depicted wherein mutants have been almost completely wiped out by the robotic Sentinels and their leader, Nimrod. War breaks out in this future between mutant and machine, and the X-Men are forced to rely on Mister Sinister as their last line of defense against the Sentinels. Of course, thanks to the reincarnating mutant Moira, the present-day Professor Xavier already knows that machine life like Nimrod will eventually spell the end for mutantkind, and that mutants today need to stop that future from ever coming to pass. This is likely the reason why Sinister was invited to join Krakoa in the first place—as an expert in mutant genetics and cloning Mister Sinister would be a useful ally to have during a war with the machines.

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Hellions#11 by Zeb Wells, David Curiel and Stephen Segovia has revealed that Mister Sinister—leader of the Hellions and now an X-Men ally—secretly collaborated with Mastermind in order to fake his own kidnapping so that he could create his own underground cloning facility without arousing suspicion from the rest of Krakoa. The plan revolved around tricking Arcade into building Sinister’s cloning facility for him, which would then allow Sinister to use the new cloning facility to manufacture his own army of “Chimera” mutant hybrids under his control. On the surface, this is a brilliant move by Sinister to outsmart his own allies and get what he wants at the same time. But thanks to Moira and Powers of X, readers already know that Sinister’s Chimera army could have dark consequences for the X-Men in the future.

Hellions 11 Mister Sinister

In the alternate future depicted in Powers of X, Mister Sinister and his clone army do provide crucial support to help defend the mutants from Nimrod and the Sentinels. But it’s in that same future that Mister Sinister betrays the X-Men and seals their doom against the Sentinel army. Thanks to her reincarnation powers Moira already experienced this betrayal in one of her past lives, and it’s for that reason she had tried to warn Professor X against letting Sinister join Krakoa. But in spite of these warnings Xavier still went to Sinister for help in founding Krakoa, meaning that there’s still the possibility Sinister’s betrayal in Powers of X will play out in the present.

Professor X and the rest of Krakoa have always known about Sinister’s deceptive nature and the risks that come with associating with him. Despite all that, he was invited to Krakoa and allowed to sit on the Quiet Council and lead the Hellions, making him one of the most important mutant leaders on the island. Mister Sinister’s future betrayal of mutantkind isn’t guaranteed to happen yet, but unless Professor X has a plan to stop his betrayal in the future, then it looks like Mister Sinister’s cloning factory could mark the beginning of the end for the X-Men.

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