Yu-Gi-Oh! 9 Mokuba Cosplay That Are Too Good

For most of Yu-Gi-Oh!‘s five seasons, Mokuba Kaiba is kind of a nuisance. He’s still very entertaining to watch, but he never contributes anything meaningful to the plot. Indeed, he spends most of his time on the sidelines, either cheering for his formidable older brother, Seto, or being rescued by him.

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Mokuba isn’t the most popular character in the franchise, but he’s the perfect choice for numerous cosplays. Thanks to his instantly recognizable look, which includes his trademark long spiky hair, Mokuba is a favorite of cosplayers around the world, who confirm their immense talent by accurately bringing the character to life. }

9 Lost In Thought

Fans don’t know much about Mokuba. The series doesn’t spend a lot of time developing his character or revealing his dreams or ambitions. Mokuba is mostly there to support his brother in his duels, although he does seem to have a great deal of control over Kaiba Corp’s affairs.

Cosplayer Chiharu, however, gives Mokuba some time for himself in her cosplay. Chiharu portrays Mokuba in a rare solitary moment, deep into his thoughts. She makes it clear that those thoughts are most likely about Seto, though.

8 Crochet Mokuba

Many people around the world enjoy crocheting. Some find it relaxing, while others genuinely enjoy the clothing that comes out of it. Crochet has a distinctive visual style, and it adds an extra touch to an otherwise ordinary ensemble. Aya, a self-described novice cosplayer, incorporates crocheting into her cosplay, and the result is both charming and faithful.

For her take on Mokuba, Aya chooses the character’s second ensemble. Both the shirt and the vest are crochet, and she adds the boy’s characteristic card necklace as the finishing touch.

7 Duelist Mokuba

Along with Tristan and Tea, Mokuba is one of the few characters in the show who’s not a duelist. Strange, considering his brother’s passion for the game, but Mokuba doesn’t seem interested in following Seto’s footsteps. Perhaps in the future, though, but audiences don’t get to see it.

Dutch cosplayer @justjesterly‘s favorite anime is Yu-Gi-Oh! and he makes it clear. And for his interpretation of Mokuba, he gives the young boy a duel disk and a deck of his own. At last, Mokuba is ready to enter the game and make a name for himself.

6 A Tale Of Two Kaibas

Mokuba can barely keep up with his older brother as it is. He spends most of the anime running behind Seto, more often than not carrying that gigantic card-filled briefcase. What would happen, then, if not one but two Setos entered the picture? Mokuba would probably go berserk, even if the extra brother meant more work for him.

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Bellemieux is a cosplayer and nail artist who found herself in this very situation. Cosplaying as Mokuba, she joined two other friends – both playing Kaiba – and a fourth one doing Joey. The result is a hilarious photo that would never fly in the anime, considering Seto’s infamous loathing for Joey.

5 Always There To Lend A Hand

In hindsight, it’s a little cruel of Kaiba to make Mokuba carry that giant briefcase. After all, Mokuba is considerably shorter than Seto, yet he’s the one running around with the presumably heavy and cumbersome briefcase. Then again, it contains Kaiba’s rarest and most precious cards, so it’s also a huge vow of confidence on the young boy.

Cosplayers @lunaticjudai and @appathic accurately depict the Kaiba brothers’ relationship with their cosplays. Jūdai leads the way as Kaiba would, and Fiona is right behind, briefcase in hand. Now, this is being true to the source material.

4 Card Keeper

Kaiba’s deck is one of the best in the anime, filled with powerful monsters, convenient spells, and rare traps. And because of his well-known selfishness, it’s safe to say that no one except for Makuba knows all of his decks’ secrets.

Cosplayer Casper chooses this as the theme for her take on the youngest of the Kaiba boys. Her cosplay is quite accurate, and she’s one of the few to get Mokuba’s wild hair right. As an extra touch, she includes the open briefcase and gives fans a little glimpse into Seto’s treasure trove.

3 Rich Beyond Belief

The Kaiba brothers are rich and not just regular rich. They’re Richie Rich rich. Seto and Mokuba preside over one of the leading gaming and entertainment empires in the world. Their only rival is Industrial Illusions, Pegasus’ company. The Kaiba boys have a vast amount of resources at their disposal, and they aren’t afraid to use them.

@izo_cosplay, the self-described Savage Salt Queen, is an incredibly talented and versatile cosplayer. For her Mokuba cosplay, she joins another brilliant artist, @akrcos, and brings the Kaiba brothers to life in all their wealthy glory. The KC letters in the skyscraper are an excellent touch.

2 There’s No Mokuba Without Seto

Mokuba’s loyalty to Seto is unwavering. Even when the older Kaiba is acting like a true villain, Mokuba doesn’t walk away from him. The youngest of the Kaiba knows what’s truly in his brother’s heart and knows that, deep down, he isn’t all that bad.

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German cosplayer Kathie knows that the best way to bring Mokuba to life is with his older brother. And so she joins fellow German cosplayer Danny and, together, they bring these brothers to life, accurately portraying the unbreakable bond between them.

1 Dogkuba

Perhaps the most wholesome cosplay ever, this doggo takes the cake in the “Who’s the best Mokuba?” contest. Corrin is an artist who makes incredible and detailed 3D models of Yu-Gi-Oh!Pokémon, and Digimon cards. Her work is truly spectacular, and her passion for these franchises comes to light in her careful and impressive work.

For a 2020 closet cosplay contest, Corrin put together this inventive and practical Mokuba cosplay for her dog, Sirius. The result is a charming and faithful take on the character and the perfect proof that there are truly no limits when it comes to cosplaying.

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