10 Most Surprising Moments From The TLC Series

Whitney Way Thore’s life changed forever when the radio station she worked at started uploading their “A Fat Girl Dancing” videos. The clips showcasing Whitney’s dance skills quickly went viral, and TLC came knocking at her door with an opportunity for a reality show. Over the last eight years, Whitney has opened up her life for the cameras, and the long-running reality show has developed a devoted fanbase.

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Fans of the show love Whitney because she is outspoken, she wears her heart on her sleeve, and she’s a multi-hyphenate. Every season, it seems like she evolves even more. She’s a dance instructor, activist, weightlifter – Whitney can pretty much do it all, and she has the support of her loving family and friends every step of the way.  My Big Fat Fabulous Life has a lot of heart, but like any reality show, there’s a ton of drama and surprising moments that keep fans hooked. With health scares, breakups, dance battles – here are some of the most unexpected moments from the series so far.

10 Whitney’s Shocking Date

Whitney and her cousin on My Big Fat Fabulous Life

The ups and downs of Whitney’s dating life is an ongoing plotline on My Big Fat Fabulous Life. In season 4, fans were rooting for her when she took the plunge back into the online dating world and started seeing a promising young suitor named Nathan. However, their relationship didn’t last long.

During a date, Nathan delivered some shocking news that caused their relationship to come to a screeching halt. He was actually her distant cousin.

9 Buddy’s Addiction

Buddy in talking head from My Big Fat Fabulous Life

In season 5, Whitney’s BFF and roommate, Buddy, was missing in action. He stopped answering his phone and wasn’t coming home at night. The behavior left Whitney, and the viewers at home, concerned for his well-being. After speaking with Buddy’s friends and family, Whitney discovered that he had a severe cocaine addiction and he was MIA because he entered a treatment program.

Buddy’s disappearance, and his subsequent path towards sobriety, provided an unexpected yet illuminating exploration into addiction and its devastating impact. Fans at home were relieved that Buddy was able to get help before it was too late. And since then, Buddy has been transparent about his journey and a strong role model for those who have addictions.

8 Whitney & Nada Confronting Avi

Whitney hugging Nada on My Big Fat Fabulous Life

The first few episodes of season 5 were full of twists and turns. First, Whitney surprised fans by revealing that she had a handsome new boyfriend named Avi. Then, it turned out that Avi was secretly engaged to a woman named Nada, who’s from Egypt. Things took an even crazier turn when Nada made the trip from Egypt to North Carolina to meet Whitney. The love triangle came to a head during the third episode of season 5 when Whitney and Nada got the chance to confront Avi at a Starbucks.

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It played out like a scene from Cheaters. Avi was not prepared for the on-camera ambush. He had no idea that the two were in-cahoots or that Nada was even in the United States. When Avi noticed that their confrontation was being recorded for the show, he stormed off and jumped into his car. In dramatic fashion, he hightailed it out of the Starbucks parking lot, never to be seen again.

7 Whitney’s Dance-A-Thon Going Awry

Whitney in the hospital on My Big Fat Fabulous Life

In the season 3 premiere, Whitney planned a dance-a-thon, but experienced a shocking health scare midway through the event when she suddenly got short of breath and stepped aside from the dancing. Moments later, she collapsed to the ground, sending the room into a panic.

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Paramedics rushed her to the emergency room, and thankfully, she was okay, she had just overexerted herself. But the experience was an eye-opening reminder for Whitney to listen to her body and practice self-care.

6 The Big Girl Dance Battle

In season 4, Whitney and her Big Girl Dance Class got involved in a heated rivalry with another dance group – Jiya and Trophy Wife Fitness. They challenged each other to a dance battle, and Whitney had to whip her students into shape for the competition. She even recruited another choreographer, Jenzi Russel, whose high-intensity, in-your-face approach felt like a surefire asset to lead the BGDC crew to victory.

When the dance battle finally went down, Whitney and her crew did a fantastic job. It seemed like all of their hard work paid off, but ultimately, Jiya and Trophy Wife Fitness clinched the trophy. Seeing Whitney and her crew come up short was disappointing for both the dancers and the viewers at home. They worked so hard and no one expected them to lose.

5 Todd Quitting BGDC

Whitney and her dance partner, Todd, have been dancing together for ages. He was by her side when the “Fat Girl Dancing” video went viral and throughout the show, he served as the second-in-command for Whitney’s Big Girl Dance Class. Fans were stunned when he suddenly decided to call it quits. It all went down after they got back from their chaotic, but successful, BGDC tour.

Whitney broke the news to her students, and they were all disappointed that he left. It wasn’t the first time that Whitney and Todd feuded over BGDC, and it certainly wasn’t the last. He later circled back and clarified that he didn’t want to quit but just take a short break from the project.

4 Whitney Leaving Greenboro

Greensboro, North Carolina, is home to Whitney’s tight-knit group of friends and her loving family. But in season 7, Whitney said goodbye to her hometown in favor of a life in Charleston. She moved to the city and took on a new business opportunity with Ryan, a personal trainer that she met on a dating app.

While the change of scenery made for some exciting TV moments, fans were left feeling surprised by her decision to leave her hometown. Not only did she leave behind her close group of friends, like Heather, Ashley, and Tal, but she was also leaving behind her parents and the Big Girl Dance Class she worked so hard to build.

3 Chase’s Romantic Proposal

Chase proposing to Whitney on My Big Fat Fabulous Life

During season 7, Whitney’s new business partner, Ryan, introduced her to his best friend, Chase. The two quickly hit it off, and fans were thrilled to follow their whirlwind romance. As the season reached its conclusion, Ryan and Whitney planned a business trip to Paris, and Chase and Whitney’s friends joined.

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While in Paris, Ryan and Whitney decided to take on a fitness challenge and scale the steps of the Eiffel Tower. When they reached the top, Chase pulled Whitney aside and surprised her with an engagement ring. A proposal at the top of the Eiffel Tower? It doesn’t get any more romantic than that.

2 Chase Breaking Whitney’s Heart

Whitney confronting Chase on My Big Fat Fabulous Life

At the beginning of season 8, Whitney was fresh off the heels of her engagement and in the process of planning her wedding. Although it seemed like their relationship moved really fast, viewers at home were rooting for their success. However, Chase shocked the world with a heartbreaking betrayal. Whitney revealed that in an off-screen conversation, he confessed to having an affair.

To make matters worse, the girl he cheated with was pregnant with his baby. It was a devastating blow to Whitney – especially because prior to their engagement, Chase told Whitney that he wasn’t ready to have kids.

1 Whitney Taking On An 8K

Whitney and Glen in My Big Fat Fabulous Life

In season 5, Whitney and her crew headed to Hawaii for a tropical getaway and a 5K race. But once they got there, Whitney’s dad surprised her by revealing that the race was actually an 8K. Whitney was unprepared for such a long distance, but laced up her shoes to take on the challenge, head-on.

During the race, Whitney started strong, but as she reached the home stretch, the distance began to catch up with her. She screamed out in tears and felt like her feet were about to explode. The pain seemed to get worse with every step, and it didn’t seem like she’d be able to make it across the finish line. Despite her excruciating pain, and her family and friends urging her to quit the race, Whitney finished the 8K. The grueling moment spoke to Whitney’s tenacity, and it’s that sense of sticktoitiveness that makes her so engaging to watch.

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