10 Ways Pepper & Tony Are The Most Relatable Couple

The MCU gave fans numerous riveting fight scenes, memorable superheroes, heartfelt moments, and some swoon-worthy couples. From Steve to Peggy and Tony and Pepper, there have been some fan-favorite couples throughout the MCU. Tony and Pepper’s relationship was the first that blossomed on screen.

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Fans enjoyed the couple’s dynamic between a philanthropist, rich playboy-turned-hero, and the sophisticated yet loyal secretary-turned-CEO of Stark Industries. Tony and Pepper have gone through a whirlwind together as colleagues, friends, and especially as lovers. Despite the couple surviving in a superhero world full of villains, they still hold many relatable qualities as a couple.

10 They Were Friends First

Tony and Pepper at government press meeting

It’s safer to say that Pepper and Tony’s relationship was more colleague-based than it was friendship, but they still cared for each other’s well-being. What makes them so relatable is that their platonic relationship blossomed into genuine attraction and romance.

It’s not a far-fetched love story when looking at the crux of it. Pepper was always there for Tony and was genuinely distraught when he vanished in Iron Man and then successfully returned home. It’s no surprise that spending so much time together would lead to feelings.

9 Pepper Gets Peeved At Tony For Being A Workaholic

Tony wearing headset and an angry Pepper

Fans have seen that Tony is dedicated to his work on various occasions. His passion and drive for what he does lead to him becoming the number one MCU superhero as Iron Man. Fans could also relate to Pepper’s annoyance over Tony’s inability to take a break. In the first movie, Pepper often chastised him for working so hard after coming back alive.

By the second and third, Tony was struggling, leading him to always be working into the late hours. Fans will recall Pepper being disgruntled when she believes Tony is greeting her in his suit. In reality, he was in his workshop and sent his suit instead.

8 They Bicker

Tony and Pepper fighting at racetrack in Iron Man 2

What’s more relatable about a couple than their constant bickering? Before Tony and Pepper were officially together, they were known to bicker quite often. There’s the short spat over Tony wanting to remove an expensive painting from the wall and replace it with an Iron Man poster.

Another example is in the second movie when Tony is being attacked by the central villain and tries to get his suitcase. He bickers with Pepper to try to get her to hurry up, as her car is being attacked by Whiplash. In Infinity War, Pepper argues with Tony over why he still wears a different version of the arc reactor when he doesn’t need it.

7 They Get Jealous

Maya at Tony and Peppers house in Iron Man 3

The ugly green monster is no stranger to Tony and Pepper. Fans know that Tony didn’t warm up that quickly to Phil Coulson. When Coulson visits Stark Towers, Pepper is more than happy to let them in and even calls him by his first name. Tony gets a little jealous and tries to correct her saying his first name is “agent.”

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In Iron Man 3, Tony is a little jealous when Pepper returns home late. He tries to explain that he already ate and didn’t know if she was gonna hang out with Aldrich Killian. Pepper is left gobsmacked at his accusation. In the same movie, Pepper tries to play off her jealousy around the fact that she didn’t know they were going to have a guest, especially an ex-girlfriend, when Maya Hansen shows up.

6 They Forget The Little Things

Tony buys Pepper strawberries in Iron Man 2

When Tony and Pepper get into a huge fight in Iron Man 2, Tony tries to make it up to her and visits her office. The scene is often remembered because of one mistake Tony made. On his way there, he stops and buys a box of strawberries for Pepper. Pepper later tells him that he brought the one thing she was highly allergic to.

Fans can go back and forth on where or not Tony did this intentionally or he really didn’t know. Tony’s character is known for being a little self-absorbed and most likely knew Pepper said something about strawberries but didn’t remember. This type of event, as bad as it is, makes them a relatable couple. Sometimes people forget the little things.

5 They Talk About Having Kids

Tony and Pepper talk kids in park in Infinity War

One of the sweetest scenes between Tony and Pepper in Infinity War was during their run in the park. This moment is highly relatable for many couples, as Tony talks to Pepper about a vivid dream he had where he dreamt he and Pepper had a child together.

They decide to name the child after Pepper’s relative, Morgan. The scene is quite emotional, as Tony looks so smitten about the idea and tries to convince Pepper. But Pepper has her doubts and said that if Tony really wanted a family, he wouldn’t have kept the arc reactor. Tony argues that it’s for emergencies, but promises to keep no secrets from her.

4 They Talk It Out

Tony and Pepper talk time travel in Endgame

Tony and Pepper are one of the MCU’s favorite couples, seeing as they understand each other so well. But it’s not easy to love someone whose the world’s mightiest hero. That said, it’s endearing and relatable that Tony and Pepper can talk about their frustrations and inhibitions.

In Endgame, Tony battles with helping the others figure out time travel. Tony is hesitant to turn back time, seeing as he was one of the lucky ones. But Pepper knows better and tells him he’s one of the rare few who can really help everyone. She also states that making Tony not do something is her biggest failure in life.

3 They Feel The Inherent Need To Protect One Another

Pepper using Iron Man suit to protect Tony in Iron Man 3

While Tony’s life has put Pepper in danger many times, she still protects him and vice versa. In Iron Man 3, as their Malibu home is collapsing, Tony sends his suit to protect Pepper instead of himself. Pepper also uses the suit to protect Tony from being crushed. 

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Tony and Pepper are always there to protect each other, no matter what, even when Pepper is injected with Extremis. Tony is the first to try and save her, as she falls to her supposed death. Later on, with Extremis’s strength, she stops Killian from killing Tony.

2 They Stay With Each Other Through Thick & Thin

Pepper watches Tony sleeping Iron Man 3

It goes without saying that Tony and Pepper have gone through a lot together as a couple and it’s admirable to see that they get through all of it by each other’s side. From Whiplash, Killian, and even the Thanos, they somehow prevail. Above all, Pepper is always there for Tony, as he has PTSD.

Tony becomes a workaholic in Iron Man 3, and his PTSD and trauma don’t allow him a good night’s rest. At one point, Tony dreams of using his suits to almost kill Pepper. Pepper wakes him up and tries to help him, but she can’t. Regardless, Tony’s issues have never pushed Pepper to leave him – even when Tony was lost in space and he had to fix the blip and fight Thanos. Not to mention, Pepper even wears her own suit to help in the fight.

1 They Are Incredibly Accepting Of Each Other

Pepper talks to Tony before his death in Endgame

Tony may be a playboy and self-absorbed at times, but he always understands Pepper’s worth. Despite him being the face of Stark Industries, Tony knows that the real boss is Pepper, as she handled everything. Hence, he has no issues making her CEO. Pepper also gets praise for somewhat accepting Tony’s playboy life-turned-superhero.

She went along with his new reality and even helped fix his arc reactor. Throughout the movies, Pepper goes along with every new move Tony makes, even though she didn’t 100 percent understand his need to be a hero. Above all, Pepper comes to accept Tony’s final goodbye in Endgame. She knows he did what he had to for the world and his family and that it is his time to rest.

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