Batman & Red Hood Are Switching Roles in DC’s Future

In DC Comics’ new Future State series, Jason Todd’s Red Hood seemingly flips roles with Tim Fox’s new Batman in the future of Gotham City.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Future State: Gotham #1

In DC Comics’ new Future State series, Red Hood’s story continues, seeing his typical role in the DC Universe being flipped with the New Batman. Supposedly, the New Batman Tim Fox has gone rogue, with all evidence pointing to him being responsible for the deaths of several innocent lives. Likewise, Red Hood has found himself as a seeker of justice, wanting to bring him in while also potentially joining with the Bat-Family, something he hasn’t done for years.

In previous series of DC’s Future State event, Red Hood was revealed to be working as a bounty hunter for the Magistrate, hunting down vigilantes and anyone wearing a mask, as they had all been declared illegal under the new regime. However, while Jason Todd was disowned by the rest of the Bat-Family as a result, he’s secretly working as a double agent to take the Magistrate down from within, working for someone in the shadows (most likely Bruce Wayne’s Dark Detective). As a result, Future State: Gotham #1 from writers Joshua Williamson and Dennis Culver with artist Giannis Milonogiannis sees the continuation of Red Hood’s journey, despite the fact that the rest of DC’s various series have returned to the present day.

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Now, Red Hood is faced with the shock that the entire borough of Gotham known as the Narrows has been decimated, leading to hundreds of innocent lives being killed in an explosion that formed a blast zone in the shape of a bat. Furthermore, Jason’s contact in the shadows confirms that this appears to be the work of the New Batman Tim Fox, who’s apparently gone rogue. With a plethora of “damning evidence,” this motivates Red Hood to become Peacekeeper Red in order to take Fox down, tying himself even further to the Magistrate despite his secret mission to eventually destroy them. Furthermore, while the New Batman has now become the rouge loner like Jason once was, Jason has gone to the Bat-Family for help, acting very much like the Dark Knight of the past.


It’s pretty interesting that Red Hood and Batman have seemingly flipped their expected roles in Gotham’s future. Red Hood is dead set on bringing Fox in to face justice, so much so that’s he’s willing to go to his former friends and allies for help. However, he hasn’t been allowed on Gotham’s rooftops since he joined the Magistrate, as Nightwing and the rest of his resistance don’t know about his true goals, believing him to be no more than a traitor. As a result, it’s going to be interesting to see if Jason will actually be able to get their help without revealing his secret mission.

In any case, it’s as of yet unknown why the New Batman would blow up an entire neighborhood. Was it an accident? Is he being framed? Has he just lost it and gone to the dark side? Either way, it’s certainly motivated Red Hood to make some significant changes in Gotham City’s future, and it’s going to be interesting to see how it all plays out in Future State: Gotham issues to come.

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