Clubhouse For Android Is Rolling Out Worldwide This Week: Where & When

Following the launch of its Android app in the US and English-speaking countries last week, Clubhouse is rolling the app out worldwide this week.

Clubhouse has announced that its newly launched Android version of its app is rolling out worldwide this week, hitting different countries on different days. The drop-in audio chat app was launched in the US a week ago and was available to download in the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand by Thursday. It has been suggested that the rapid pace of roll-out is perhaps down to stagnating iOS downloads.

Clubhouse was the break-out app of 2020, with appearances on it by the likes of Bill Gates and Elon Musk helping to drive explosive growth in popularity. Downloads peaked in February this year, with nearly 10 million that month alone, but they have slumped dramatically since. With the platform having recently secured a fresh round of funding that valued it at a reported $4 billion, it will likely be hoping that a brisk Android roll-out will help to drive uptake along into the summer when it intends to loosen the strings on invites for its waitlist.

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Following on from the roll-out to English-speaking countries towards the end of last week, Clubhouse announced Sunday that the roll-out would be continuing over the next week. Flagging some notable markets, Clubhouse tweeted that Japan, Brazil, and Russia are scheduled to get access by Tuesday, followed by Nigeria and India by Friday morning. It said that other other markets around the world would be getting access “throughout the week,” with the Android app intended to be available worldwide by the end of Friday. Although it did not provide a full list of countries and days, it did reply to some comments to confirm that Latin America, Ghana, and Thailand could all expect access by Friday.

Clubhouse Feature Updates

Clubhouse Android app screenshots

In addition to the news of the worldwide roll-out for its Android app, Clubhouse tweeted some other updates recapped from one of its town hall events. It said it is “working on feature parity with iOS” for Android. In another clue that the Android app was pushed out as quickly as possible, it launched last week with a number of features missing, albeit nothing critical of course.

Elsewhere, iOS users can expect the addition of a list of users who have paid them via the app. It will also soon be for users to find everyone they have heard speak or perform in a room over the past ten days. Users will be able to tag others in their profile before too long. And, finally, Clubhouse noted that it is continually improving its discovery features to make it easier for users to find the people, clubs, and events that they will be interested in.

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