David & Alexis’ 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Sibling Moments

David and Alexis Rose are the iconic brother and sister duo with hilarious one-liners and style beyond their years. Throughout Schitt’s Creek, these two transformed from distant, snotty siblings to best friends who hated the thought of leaving each other. Their character arcs were some of the strongest in the series.

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With David being Alexis’ older brother, there were plenty of one-sided moments when he worried about her general well-being. It took Alexis a few years in Schitt’s Creek before she had the same primal protective tendencies as David. From the pilot to the finale, David and Alexis had some of the highest (and lowest) moments as siblings in the series.

10 Best: Alexis Teaches David How To Ride A Bike

Alexis pushes david on a bike - schitt's creek

When Alexis and Mutt began dating, he made a sweet gesture by buying her a bike as a means of transportation. Deep down, Alexis really wanted a car, but considering the financial status of many of the townspeople in Schitt’s Creek, a bike was the best Mutt could do. Hilariously, Alexis and David didn’t know how to ride bikes. Once Alexis learned, she was the only person that David trusted on that level to teach him how to ride a bike. Adorably, Alexis pushed David along as he gave his first few pedals. Moira and Johnny looked at their children with pride as they got along and taught each other something new.

9 Worst: Alexis Couldn’t Help David With One Thing

Alexis and ted break the sink in rose apothocary on schitts creek

David doesn’t ask much of Alexis, especially in their time at Schitt’s Creek. But when he and Patrick were out of the office for a bit, he asked Alexis to hold down the fort and accept the packages coming their way that day.

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Instead of focusing on the store like she was asked, Alexis and Ted got busy in the backroom — and later the bathroom! David eventually found out the truth because not only did Alexis leave the door unlocked during her escapades but she broke the sink as well.

8 Best: David’s Wedding

Alexis walks david down the aisle at his wedding - schitt's creek

When David and Patrick got engaged, David assumed that Alexis would be in the Galapagos Islands with Ted, so he asked Stevie to be his maid of honor. However, when Alexis’ plans changed, David was torn. Did he choose his best friend or his sister? Alexis was going to try and get Stevie to give up her duties, but after talking to her, she realized how badly Stevie needed the job of maid of honor. Instead, David asked Alexis to walk him down the aisle. Watching the two support each other on David’s big day was beautiful.

7 Worst: Alexis Didn’t Want To Live With David In NYC

David holds a sweeater when talking to alexis about new york on schitts creek

At the end of season 1, the Roses were under the impression that the town was going to be bought and they would go back to living in both Los Angeles and New York. And while the Roses weren’t in Schitt’s Creek for too long at this point, David became closer with Alexis and genuinely enjoyed her being nearby.

Sadly, when David asked Alexis if she wanted to share an apartment together in New York, she turned him down immediately. She’d rather live alone than with someone who was going to mock the way she lived. The look on David’s face said everything. He was hurt and Alexis was blissfully unaware.

6 Best: The Tailgate

david talks to stevie about a tailgate on schitt's creek

When David and Alexis first got to Schitt’s Creek, Stevie invited them to a tailgate party. David was against the idea, but Alexis was all about partying. Alexis went to the party with Stevie and a few hours later, David arrived. The look of concern flashed across his face as he searched for Alexis in a sea of people. He told Stevie that Alexis texted him “Help!” which was why he showed up. But as the night raged on, Alexis told Stevie that she never texted David. David made up a reason to show up to the party just to make sure his sister was safe. They ended up leaving the party together as a unit.

5 Best: The Driver’s Test Pep Talk

alexis in the car with david on their way to the dmv on schitt's creek

David was nervous when it came to re-taking his driver’s test. After his old license expired, he had to take the test again in Schitt’s Creek. Alexis was sick of David worrying so much about the test and reminded him that he was the only one worrying for no reason. He had nothing to worry about and was making himself sick over it.

Her words were harsh but they were true. When David took the test, he found out the driving instructor was busy thinking about his own problems than on David’s. Another sweet moment was when David admitted to worrying about Alexis and her whereabouts for years. This was something Alexis had never known before.

4 Best: Patrick’s Date

alexis talking to david in their bedroom in rock on on schitt's creek

When a shopper at Rose Apothecary flirts with Patrick, David wonders if Patrick was making the right choice in their relationship. David was the first man that Patrick had been with, so he encouraged Patrick to go on a date with his admirer.

On the night of the supposed date, David was beside himself at the motel. Luckily for him, Alexis was nearby and canceled her night until he heard from Patrick. Even though she had plans with Ted, she put those on the back burner until her brother had clarity on the situation.

3 Worst: When David Ran Away

When David realized he was leaving the only friend had ever known and that his own sister wouldn’t live with him outside of Schitt’s Creek, he was at a loss. He ran away from everyone because he didn’t think anyone would care. He drove off in the middle of the night and landed at an Amish farm. He stayed there until his family found him, but it didn’t change the fact that David felt like his sister didn’t care for him the same way he cared for her.

2 Best: David Helped Ted And Alexis Get Back Together

David talks to ted about alexis in the vet clinic - schitt's creek

Alexis and Ted were broken up for a good amount of time before they realized they still had feelings for each other. They were co-workers and friends, but that was it for a long time. It wasn’t until Ted was with Heather that Alexis worried that she was losing him. She finally had the courage to tell Ted about her feelings and it changed everything. Eventually, David found out about everything when Ted confided in him. The two had a sweet heart-to-heart where David sang his sister’s praises admitted that Alexis was in a different, happier place.

1 Worst: Their Brother-Sister Excursion

Alexis looks shocked next to patrick and ted while climbing trees on schitts creek

In “The Crowening,” Alexis found a quiz that David completed in the back of an old magazine. The quiz detailed that David and Patrick’s love life could use a little pick-me-up. Alexis poked fun at David for not only doing the quiz but because she and Ted scored such a high score. David began to worry about his relationship and forced them to do something daring to prove the quiz wrong. But during the ropes course, David found out that Alexis took the quiz a bunch of times until she received an answer she was satisfied with. David was understandably incensed.

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