Everyone Kam Dated Before Settling Down With Leroy

Kam Williams, a respected “Killa” on MTV’s The Challenge, is closer than ever with Leroy Garrett, but it’s far from her first rodeo with MTV romance.

Kam Williams from The Challenge was always careful about protecting her heart. From the jump on MTV’s Are You The One, she told producers, “I have this thing I like to call rotation, so you know I just keep them coming. If one of them say or do something that I don’t like, it’s next.” That all changed this season when Williams and Leroy Garrett entered The Challenge: Double Agents as a real couple, and even moved in together after the show. With that said, it has been a long journey on the MTV brick road for Williams, who has been on and off with Garret over several Challenge seasons.

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Williams’ first MTV flirtation was with AYTO’s Edward Williams from New Jersey. The cameras caught the two flirting in the shower, but the easy-going vibes and playful energy did not last long. Castmate Alicia Wright opted to sleep with Eddy the evening before he and Williams were set to leave the house and enter the honeymoon suite. Understandably, the move soured the relationship between Eddy and Williams. The Edward Williams and Kam Williams love saga was a short-lived plot point for the opening episodes of the AYTO season, while her tenure and romances on The Challenge seem to have some more staying power.

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When Kam first joined The Challenge, a relationship between her and Garrett developed almost immediately. However, the couple couldn’t get on the same page and cycled through periods of being together romantically and maintaining their friendship. Later in her Challenge career, Kam had a short-lived entanglement with Challenger Theo Campbell during a break from the on-again-off-again antics with Garrett. Campbell caught her eye early on The Challenge: War of the Worlds. She told MTV the easy-going nature of their relationship reminded her of the early days with Garrett, but that she wasn’t trying to chase men she can’t fix.

In front of a very jealous Garrett, Williams and Campbell made out. Garrett felt Williams’ behavior was rude, even if they had decided to go their separate ways. However, Garrett didn’t need to worry too much, as nothing serious ever materialized between Campbell and Williams outside the show. On the other hand, Garrett and Williams are heating up more than ever after picking things back up on War of the Worlds 2. The relationship seems notably grown-up compared to William’s former flings and the couple’s earlier chapters.

Garrett and Williams put their love and respect for one another above all else last season, which seemed to be the strength they needed to go all the way to the final. While sadly Garret did not end up winning anything in the final on his last season, Williams did. From drinking and working out together on and off camera to romantic vacations and anniversary dinners, it’s now been a year since the rekindling and the KamRoy torch is burning strong.

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