Fortnite Removes Clix’s Creator Code Following Controversial Tweet

Fortnite streamer and pro player Clix had his Creator Code revoked following an inappropriate tweet, which could cost him a good deal of money.

Professional Fortnite player Cody “Clix” Conrod had his Creator Code revoked several days ago due to a controversial tweet. Although Clix is only 16-years old, he has already been involved in several controversies during his time as a pro player. This latest incident, however, is serious enough that Fortnite developer Epic Games has revoked a key way that skilled players like Clix can earn money from the game.

Creator Codes allow players to earn a percentage of customized content from streamers, pros, and other content creators. Fans can purchase this content in-game to show support for their favorite players. While this might not seem like a big deal, for Fortnite players with a large following it can be incredible sums of money. For instance, recently Fortnite streamer Ninja revealed that he once made over $5 million in one month from Creator Codes. While that’s an extreme anomaly, it’s not hard to imagine that other popular streamers could make a good deal of money from their codes.

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Unfortunately for Clix, this chunk of revenue has been lost to him, thanks to an inappropriate tweet. As reported by Dexerto, last week Clix was told that he was being stripped of his Creator Code. While initially, it appears that Clix thought that the punishment stemmed from wager matches, the culprit was actually an inappropriate tweet, which Clix shared.

It appears that Clix has understood and accepted his punishment, given that he quickly apologized for his joke, admitting it was in poor taste. He may have also initially understood that the tweet was going to cause a stir, given that he deleted it shortly after it went up. However, with over 15,000 likes on the tweet, it’s easy to understand how this made its way onto Epic Games’ radar. Given his status as a multiple-time offender, it’s unsurprising that such harsh punishment came down.

In the past, Clix engaged in wager matches, a practice in Fortnite that Epic Games has been working hard to curtail recently. Clix was also previously banned on Twitch for several minor offenses, such as streaming DMCA-protected music and accidentally broadcasting explicit content during a stream. Although these incidents are all innocuous enough on their own, the pattern of behavior likely forced Epic Games to take some action. While Clix will still likely land on his feet. And he has vowed, on Twitter, to become more mature on his stream and social media accounts. Hopefully, Clix is able to stick to this resolution before he finds himself in an even worse predicament.

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Fortnite is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

Source: Clix/Twitter, Dexerto

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