GTA 5 Superhero Mods Let You Fly & Fight Midair As Invincible’s Omni-Man

An impressive Grand Theft Auto 5 mod allows players to possess the supreme powers and magnificent mustache of Invincible’s Omni-Man.

An impressive mod configuration for Grand Theft Auto V allows players to wield the immense, Superman-like power of Invincible‘s Omni-Man. Though nearing eight-years-old, the latest game in Rockstar Games’ open-world crime series and its multiplayer component, GTA Online, continues to be enjoyed by potentially more players now than ever before. Meanwhile, Invincible is an adult animated superhero series based on the comic series written by Robert Kirkman and published by Image Comics, and it’s captured audiences since it started streaming on Amazon Prime Video in 2021.

After its March premiere, Invincible quickly cemented itself as a streaming fan favorite. The now-iconic “Think” Meme, taken from the series’ climactic season finale, has quickly spread on social media – including gaming circles – like wildfire. The meme harkens to a scene where fledgling superhero Invincible is lectured by his treacherous father, Omni-Man, after the latter beats him to a pulp. The popular meme format replaces the two major characters with characters from other franchises, and the results are almost always hilarious fun. Invincible‘s particular popularity as a meme among video game communities especially speaks to the show’s success among audiences, as good superhero games are few and far between and Invincible otherwise has yet to be adapted in the medium.

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YouTuber HeavenlyControl shared some impressive gameplay of a Grand Theft Auto 5 mod configuration that puts players in the tights of Omni-Man on Twitter. A mod developed by The Darth Knight and sold on Patreon features an impressively accurate model of the ruthless Viltrumite, complete with cape and signature mustache. While it is unclear whether additional mods are being used in HeavenlyControl’s wild aerial combat footage, the video shows Omni-Man take to the skies and destroy a number of attacking helicopters with his bare fists, all in GTA 5‘s Los Santos skyline.

While WB Games has never successfully created a video game starring Superman, fans of the Man of Steel have achieved varying degrees of success on their own. In 2019, three Japanese students released Undefeated, an open-world superhero adventure inspired by the Last Son of Krypton, on Steam. The game grants players a host of abilities, such as fast flight and near-invincibility, tasking them with defeating supervillains before they can destroy the game world.

While many fans have lost hope in ever seeing a video game inspired by the Superman mythos, modders like The Darth Knight show that such a game that captures players’ attention isn’t impossible to develop. This Omni-Man mod perfectly translates the brutal father’s appearance and abilities, allowing GTA 5 players the opportunity to unleash the full range of the Invincible antagonist’s rage.

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Grand Theft Auto V is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: HeavenlyControl, The Darth Knight

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