How Show Star Lisa Vanderpump Is Still Riling Up The RHOBH

Lisa Vanderpump’s new celebrity-studded dinner party show is called Overserved and she may be using the E! series to drag her former castmates.

Lisa Vanderpump from Overserved With Lisa Vanderpump is nothing less than a Bravo legend, and we’re here to share information about how she continues to throw shade at her former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmates. At this point, in Los Angeles. many residents might mistake Lisa for British royalty. In the past, we found her reigning over the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules casts. Lisa is a restauranteur who is known for owning SUR, Pump, and the now-closed Villa Blanca. Recently, she was in hot water. In lawsuits, she was accused of not paying employees or allowing meal breaks. Since those lawsuits are now resolved, she’s focused on starring on the E! network’s Overserved. She is cementing her alpha female status with her new venture, but some Real Housewives aren’t amused.

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While Vanderpump is undoubtedly a fan favorite (Lady Gaga supports her), her dirty sense of humor, exquisite taste, and boss energy haven’t always been adored by her RHOBH castmates. After more than ten years on RHOBH, her tendency to stoke the fires of gossip for the sake of storylines has been criticized. She’s been accused of stirring the pot while hiding her role in things, so she has a reputation. Some fans and castmates considered her a manipulator.

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Waitress and gay club empress-turned-Savage Fenty Ambassador Erika Jayne (who was slammed for a shady International Women’s Day post in March) enjoyed Vanderpump’s charisma. However, she said, “I think she engages from the side. I think she’s a sniper from the side.” She added, “She doesn’t want to leave any fingerprints.” Lisa Rinna and Kyle Richards were initially more gentle when it came to Vanderpump’s alleged chess-like maneuvres. Richards argued that Vanderpump’s defense mechanisms were a shield to protect her feelings. However, when it came to Puppygate in season ten, even Richards had to confront Vanderpump with her truth. This led to a rift. In season six, Eileen Davidson, said, “I feel like you kind of dismissed things and that we’re glossing over things that are uncomfortable.” Vanderpump admitted, “I do have a habit of minimizing things.” Richards commented in an interview, “OMG, Eileen, you have b*lls.”

At best, Vanderpump’s attitude has been put down to a stereotypical British “Keep Calm and Carry On” mentality. At worst, she does seem quite strategic in terms of spreading gossip and making power grabs. However, who can really blame her? It is Hollywood. When the dragon fire was pointed back at Vanderpump by the RHOBH, she opted to exit the drama (seemingly forever) rather than owning her tendencies. On Overserved, Vanderpump left a tab (for herself and an RHOBH/Overserved producer) for Kyle Richards to pay. Kyle didn’t pay the bill.

Fans might have expected Lisa to have moved on after finding refuge on Bravo’s sister network. The show is filmed right in the comfort of her own home. In the series, there is alcohol, great food, and well-known people. The show flaunts her prosperity. Overserved welcomes the likes of Mario Lopez, Margaret Cho, and James Kennedy to her home for elegant themed dinner parties where people tend to drink a lot.

On last week’s episode of Overserved, after discussing BDSM, Cho and Vanderpump put Steve-O on a leash. While Vanderpump has said she would be open to a possible RHOBH return, she also said, “I can think of a few b*tches I’d like to put on this leash.” Of course, her final season’s primary conflict revolved around Dorit Kemsley giving up a dog she adopted at Vanderpump Dogs. The same dog ended up in another animal shelter. This was perceived as an insult to Vanderpump, who seemed to find ways to punish Kemsley without being found out.

After seasons of the same old shtick, the RHOBH women lost patience, even if Vanderpump’s slip-ups were the result of grief  (she had sadly lost her brother). All eyes turned to Vanderpump as the source of the Real Housewives shenanigans. Regardless, it seems that Vanderpump from Overserved With Lisa Vanderpump plans to be the last one laughing.

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