Marvel Celebrates LGBTQI+ Heroes In Pride Special First Look

This June, in conjunction with Pride Month, Marvel will release a special one-shot celebrating their many LGBTQIA + characters and creators!

Potential spoilers for Marvel Voices: Pride #1 ahead!

Marvel is celebrating the legacy of their LGBTQI + characters in a special new one-shot Marvel Voices: Pride, releasing this June in conjunction with Pride Month. The special issue will feature top-level talent such as Steve Orlando, Kieron Gillen, Vita Ayala, Tini Howard and Allan Heinberg, among others.

The Marvel Voices series of one-shots have featured stories, characters and creators from underrepresented and marginalized populations. The previous Marvel Voices: Indigenous Voices, shone the spotlight on Marvel’s Native American/Indigenous characters, and another, Legacy, focused on characters of African descent. The one-shots are huge wins for representation, and now Marvel is bringing Marvel Voices: Pride to stores and digital on June 23, just in time for Pride Month.

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A special first look provided by Marvel gives a first look at the one-shot’s introduction, written and illustrated by Luciano Vecchio, who also provides the cover as well as a “frame variant” Featuring some of Marvel’s LGBTQIA+ characters. Marvel has a long history of LGBTQIA + characters and this introduction is a celebration of them, starting with Northstar, the company’s first openly gay character. Two same-sex couples, Wiccan and Hulkling and Rictor and Shatterstar are spotlighted as well; both relationships were watershed moments in Marvel history. An unidentified narrator (perhaps Somnus, created for this special) continues to recount the history of LGBTQIA + characters, from trailblazers such as Mystique, Destiny, and Karolina Dean (from Runaways) to newer additions such as America Chavez. Iceman’s coming out is featured, as are the Young Avengers, described as the inadvertent “first mostly queer super team.” The narrator concludes their history by noting the explosion of LGBTQIA + voices, all wanting to now share their story.

Marvel Voices Pride

Marvel Voices Pride

Marvel Voices Pride

Communities across the nation will come together to celebrate Pride Month this June, and Marvel Voices: Pride will join in the festivities, bringing their top LGBTQIA + characters and creators to the forefront. As mentioned earlier, Northstar was Marvel’s first openly gay hero, going back to 1992’s Alpha Flight #106.  Since then, Northstar has been joined by an army of amazing LGBTIQA + characters, and Marvel Voices: Pride will pair them with top-tier creators in another win for representation. The creators involved have expressed their enthusiasm for the project. Luciano, in discussing creating the introduction as well as the covers, called the project as “ticking so many dream assignments” at one time. Luciano was particularly proud of helping design new character Somnus, citing his concept and backstory in particular.

Marvel’s rich history of LGBTQIA + characters is celebrated in this special first look at Marvel Voices: Pride, which pairs them with some of today’s top writers and artists for what promises to be an unforgettable special, just in time for Pride Month.

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