Mass Effect 3: How to Increase Galactic Readiness

Galactic Readiness in Mass Effect 3 is a score determined by many factors, especially Shepard’s decisions. Higher scores increase rates of survival.

As the entire Galaxy prepares for war against the Reapers in Mass Effect 3, Shepard can influence the success or failure of the effort based on the decisions they make, allies they secure, and assets they recover while exploring the various star systems. In Mass Effect 3, Galactic Readiness is a score that is constantly influenced by the number of War Assets Shepard secures. That readiness score was combined with Shepard’s Total Military Strength score into a separate score, called Effective Military Strength, or EMS. To get the best possible ending in Mass Effect 3, Shepard needed to have a total EMS of 3100 or above. Anything lower, and the Earth, Shepard’s friends and squadmates, and even Earth itself may not survive.

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While Galactic Readiness in the classic version of Mass Effect 3 was largely influenced by outside factors, particularly players using the multiplayer game mode and mobile app, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition does not include multiplayer. Because of this, Galactic Readiness has been largely factored out, and Total Military Strength is the only score that really affects the war’s outcome. Unlike in the original, in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, Shepard’s choices throughout the trilogy and the allies they secure along the way will translate to War Assets in Mass Effect 3. There are a few basic principles players can use to gain the required number of War Assets and succeed in their campaign to stop the extinction of all organic life in the galaxy. Here’s how to increase Military Strength and improve the chances of winning the war against the Reapers in Mass Effect 3.

How to Collect More War Assets in Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect First Contact War

There are a few things Shepard can do, both in Mass Effect 3 and throughout the series, to earn more War Assets in Mass Effect 3 that contribute to overall Military Strength. In Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, Shepard still must reach 3100 EMS to access the best endings, but more of their decisions from across the trilogy will factor into this number.

To increase Military strength in Mass Effect 3, Shepard should scan every star system to find hidden War Assets on other planets. They should also complete side missions and try to forge and maintain alliances with as many groups as possible. This is not always easy, especially when navigating the turian/krogan/salarian conflict and choosing whether to cure the genophage, and Shepard may need to sacrifice the assets they would gain from one group to gain the assets of another. Finally, whenever possible, Shepard should try to save as many lives as they can. Most of the time, these heroic acts will result in increased War Assets contributing to Military Strength.

Choices Shepard makes in Mass Effect 3 can also negatively impact War Assets. For example, Shepard will earn some War Assets from the quarian fleet. However, during an argument between Admiral Han’Gerrel and Admiral Shala’Raan, if Shepard supports Admiral Raan over Admiral Gerrel, they can lose 10 of those assets. More egregiously, choosing to rewrite the Geth heretics during Legion’s Loyalty mission in Mass Effect 2 will reduce the strength gained from the quarian fleets by 150 right away.

Mass Effect Timeline and History of the Reapers

Other decisions Shepard made in Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 also factor in as War Assets for Military Strength. For example, choosing to spare the Rachni Queen in Mass Effect 1 can allow Shepard to save her again in Mass Effect 3, leading to an extra 100 War Assets from the Rachni forces. Additionally, ending Mass Effect 2 with over 100,000 of each rare mineral resource from planet scanning and importing that save should add an extra 100 War Assets to the effort. It is in a player’s best interest to form as many alliances as possible and recruit and keep as many squadmates alive as they can in Mass Effect 1 and 2, as these will convert to War Assets in Mass Effect 3 and contribute to Total Military Strength.

Because Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will factor in a player’s choices across the entire series to calculate Total Military Strength, players avoid needing to complete every side mission in Mass Effect 3 to access the best endings. Alternatively, if players choose to just jump in with Mass Effect 3 without playing the other two games, they will need to grind a little more intensely and complete every side mission available to earn enough War Assets to reach maximum Total Military Strength. Shepard can always check and track their number of War Assets and Total Military Strength at the War Table aboard the Normandy.

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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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