Memphis & Christmas Spark Rumors Of Living Together On IG

After less than a year of dating, Big Brother alum Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott have sparked rumors of moving in together in Tampa, Florida.

Big Brother alum Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott sparked rumors of moving in together with their latest Instagram post. In the photo Memphis shared Sunday, the couple is seen hugging in front of a house in Tampa, Florida. Now, fans are speculating that the two bought the house together and are currently living together.

Memphis and Christmas are one of the few successful relationships to come out of the show. They first met inside the Big Brother house during the All Star season last summer. Because they both had significant others outside of the house, they technically did not have a showmance on the show. Not long after returning home, they each called it quits with their significant others before later revealing they were dating. The two have been together since.

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Although they have only been dating for less than a year, Memphis and Christmas look like they are in a serious, long-term relationship. In April, Memphis revealed that he plans to propose to Christmas in the future. Now, the couple is sparking rumors of already living together. Memphis posted a photo alongside Christmas on Instagram Sunday. In it, the couple was seen hugging in front of a house with the location tagged as Tampa. He captioned the photo, “Tampa life is good!” Christmas later shared the post to her Instagram Story, writing, “Date Night.” Christmas is believed to live in North Carolina while Memphis lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which is nearly four hours away from Tampa. This would be a big move for both of them. It is assumed that each of their sons were also a part of the move since they were seen on their respective Instagram Stories over the weekend as well. Take a look at Christmas and Memphis’ date night photo below:

The comments section on Memphis’ post flooded with comments questioning if he had moved and if he and Christmas bought the house seen in the photo together. While it is not confirmed if Memphis and Christmas did in fact buy the Tampa home, many fans sent the couple messages of love and congratulations. Prior to this potential move, Memphis n Christmas had been traveling regularly to spend time together. Fans agreed that Florida is the perfect place for the couple to reside together. The photo was also liked by some of Memphis and Christmas’ fellow BB alum such as Tyler Crispen, Cody Calafiore, Elena Davies and Nicole Franzel. The couple actually attended Nicole’s wedding together in Florida back in March.

Fans are speculating that Memphis and Christmas will return to the Big Brother house this summer for a surprise proposal in the backyard during season 23. This would not be the first time a former showmance returned to the house for a proposal; however, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is unknown if outsiders will be allowed inside the house for special occasions like this throughout the season.

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Big Brother season 23 premieres Wednesday July 7 at 8pm EST on CBS with a 90-minute episode.

Source: Memphis Garrett, Christmas Abbott, Reddit

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