One Piece: 10 Weirdest Story Arcs, Ranked

One Piece is an anime that is known to be pretty weird. The universe is filled with oddities like a man stuck in a treasure chest living alone on an island, a man who spits noodles out of his nose to create body armor, and a skeleton obsessed with underwear.

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After a while, most fans might think they’ve seen it all, yet One Piece continuously finds ways to blow fans’ minds. And while not every story arc in the series is as unbelievably weird as others, these 10 arcs have enough weirdness to last a lifetime.

10 Little Garden Arc

Luffy Rides Dinosaur in One Piece

The Little Garden Arc takes place on an island that has literally been forgotten by time. This island is filled with dinosaurs, strange insects, and ancient plants. Yet the strangest thing about this arc is the fact that two giants have been waging a duel for over 100 years because it always ends with a tie! Yet these hard-headed giants, who are great friends, refuse to quit dueling until there is a clear victor.

The Straw Hats eventually escape this island with the help of their new giant friends, and merrily go on their way while accepting that these giants are just going to keep fighting each other after they leave, and everyone seems to think this is not only reasonable but also very manly.

9 Long Ring Long Land Arc

Foxy in One Piece

This arc is set on an island that initially seems like many islands grouped together, yet it is actually a long ring with a nomadic tribe of humans who travel between the various smaller islands when the tide is low. Everything on these islands is super long, including the trees, and in one of these trees, the Straw Hats find a man who has been stuck there for quite a while.

After rescuing him, the arc gets even weirder, as a large group of pirates, called the Foxy Pirates, challenge the Straw Hats into a series of games in an attempt to steal crew members from the Straw Hats. These games get increasingly more ridiculous as the Foxy Pirates find every opportunity to cheat their way to victory.

8 Zou Arc

Zou Island in One Piece

Zou is an island that can’t be found unless you know where it is. This is because it’s not really an island at all, it’s a forest filled with talking humanoid animals growing on the back of a gigantic elephant who walks around in the ocean. The humanoid animals on Zou have been decimated by Kaido’s pirate crew because they thought some samurai from the Land of Wano were hiding there.

It turns out that the pirates were right, but these furry fighters refused to admit it, even while their home was being mercilessly attacked. Luffy’s crew arrives during the aftermath of the intense struggle and quickly sets to helping and healing the people and they are rewarded with awkward cuddles and top-secret information.

7 Dressrosa Arc

Kelly Funk being worn as a jacket by his brother in One Piece.

This island has living toys that roam around the city, little fairy-like creatures that steal things from the island’s inhabitants, and women who are very likely to stab you due to their passion, yet everyone seems to be absolutely okay with all of this.

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Frankie fights a man who is dressed like a baby, Usopp beats a little girl trying to kill him by making a really weird face that scares her into passing out, and there’s a guy who can unzip himself and be worn like a jacket, which grants him that persons power, yet this is all perfectly normal to everyone involved.

6 Skypiea Arc

Skypiea in One Piece

An island in the sky isn’t the strangest thing to come out of the fantasy genre, In fact, it’s a trope that gets repeated very often. Yet One Piece always finds a way to take normal fantasy tropes and add a hefty spoonful of weird to them. An ocean and land made from varying densities of clouds, giant crab monsters used to haul ships to different levels of the cloud sea, shells that break the laws of physics, and an ocean current capable of blowing ships and even entire islands into the sky are just the beginnings of the weirdness of this arc.

Add in some dancing wolves who like to party and the way-too-friendly angel-like residents of these islands and the Skypiea Arc easily makes the list as one of the weirdest arcs in One Piece.

5 Drum Island Arc

Luffy Resucues Abominable Snow Bunny In One Piece

The Drum Island Arc is set on an island where it is always winter, yet this type of thing is pretty normal in One Piece. The inhabitants of this winter island is what really is weird, though.

Abominable snow bunnies with anger issues and honor, a man who eats everything, even people, and makes them a part of his body, and a reindeer who ate the Human-Human Fruit, all come together to make the Drum Island Arc one of the weirdest arcs in One Piece.

4 Thriller Bark Arc

Brook in One Piece

A talking gentleman skeleton who wants to see Nami’s panties, zombies with motivation issues, and a Straw Hat giant-fighting-robot-combo-move makes the Thriller Bark Arc one of the weirdest Arcs in One Piece. Yet these aren’t the only factors that make this arc so weird.

Usopp beats a ghost lady by having a super negative personality, a hippo zombie is in love with an invisible leopard guy who is trying to marry Nami, and a pirate whose crew count the number of times she’s been rejected by men … the list is pretty long.

3 Punk Hazard Arc

Luffy Attaches A Samurais Lower Body To Himself in One Piece

Punk Hazard is an island with half of it stuck in perpetual blizzard conditions and the other half covered in lava and fire. This arc includes some disembodied legs that talk using farts, centaur-like pirates with a sort of reverse Stockholm syndrome, young children addicted to drugs hidden in candy being experimented on to make them into giants, sentient poison gas that fails to actually kill anything, and Straw Hats who have had their minds shuffled around into each other’s bodies.

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Luckily for the sanity of One Piece fans, Zoro brings in a little reason to this mix by beating a logia devil fruit user by paralyzing her powers with fear and leaving her in a mumbling heap of snow.

2 Impel Down Arc

Ivankov from One Piece with a really big head.

Impel Down is a prison for pirates that very closely resembles the Nine Hells from Dante’s Inferno. While this fact doesn’t necessarily make it too weird, the large array of strange characters in the prison do.

There is a prison warden who is carried around in a litter box, complete with its own toilet because the Warden, being a Venom-Venom man, eats poison-like food and thus has irritable bowels, a prison guard who has a strange sort of connection with very large half beast-like creatures that she orders around, a Queen/King who changes sexes and body shapes at will, and an old-man looking sphinx that lists different types of noodles while smashing its enemies.

1 Whole Cake Island Arc

Big Mom smiles menacingly in One Piece

Big Mom is one of the strongest pirates in the world and has a strange power that hasn’t been fully explained, yet it involves taking human souls and implanting them into everyday objects. Thus, all of Whole Cake Island is overrun with animated inanimate objects called Homies. These Homies prove to be real trouble, as they dance, sing, and kill according to the orders of their creator, Big Mom. In fact, one of the most disturbing scenes in this arc is of Big Mom actually eating some of her living food.

Add this to the fact that a vast majority of Big Mom’s territory is made out of candy, she has 85 children whom she is willing to kill, and past cannibalistic tendencies, and it’s easy to see why the creepy Willy Wonka vibes in this arc make it the weirdest story arc in One Piece so far.

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