Resident Evil Village: What Really Happens To Mia

Early trailers for Resident Evil Village showed Mia being shot and killed, but there’s more to the story behind the game’s opening moments.

Resident Evil Village’s pre-release marketing included a steady stream of intriguing trailers, each one posing new mysteries for fans to ponder. Capcom had fans looking for answers to major questions, and there was none bigger than why series hero Chris Redfield would shoot and seemingly kill Mia Winters in Resident Evil Village‘s opening moments.

[Warning: SPOILERS for Resident Evil Village below.]

There’s more to the story than Chris simply strolling into Ethan’s home, executing his wife, and stealing his six-month-old baby for no reason. Here’s why Chris did what he did, and what really happened to Mia after the game’s opening moments.

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After Mia is seemingly riddled with bullets while she and Ethan are eating dinner in their remote European cabin, Chris storms in to shoot her a few more times while a bewildered Ethan, along with his daughter, Rose, are taken away. Ethan wakes up amidst a car crash sometime later, and the events of the game proper kick off.

What Happens To Mia Winters In Resident Evil Village

RE 7 Mia Captured

It’s not until near the end of the game, once Ethan meets back up with Chris, that the longtime Resident Evil hero decides to tell Ethan what’s actually going on. He reveals the woman he and his squad shot was not Mia, but rather an imposter. It turns out RE Village‘s primary villain, Mother Miranda, can transform her body to mimic other people. She disguised herself as Mia in order to infiltrate the Winters’ home and, eventually, steal Rose for her own nefarious purposes. After Chris shot her, Mother Miranda pretended to be dead, only to later escape as she was being transported with Rose and Ethan.

If Mother Miranda was impersonating Mia, what happened to the real one? As shown in some of the game’s final moments, the actual Mia was being held in captivity by Mother Miranda and experimented on for an undisclosed amount of time. Chris finds her locked away in Miranda’s research laboratory and frees her. Thankfully, everything turns out O.K. for Mia in the end. She’s alive, for one thing, and she is also reunited with her daughter. It’s about as happy an ending as Resident Evil Village could have, so long as players don’t think about what Ethan Winters had to go through to save Rose.

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