Returnal: Best Things to Do After Beating The Game

There is still many things players can do after beating Returnal. This guide will show players the best things to do after beating the main story.

There’s still so much to do after finishing your first run of Returnal. This guide will show players what they can do after completing the main campaign. Returnal is a title that players are going to return to over and over again. With the way the game is made, players will go through similar situations on loop in order to improve their progress. A single mistake can result in losing several hours of progress but that is the nature of these rogue-like titles. The best thing to do is take the lesson and try again with new information. Here are some things players can do after they beat the game.

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In Returnal, players control Selene, a space pilot that is stuck in an infinite time loop. Every time she comes back to life, the world is slightly different. The world is dangerous and everything is out to get you. Normal runs can send the player about 2 hours into the game. Dying will provide a bit of context to the story and it’s supposed to happen for players to get the entire picture. Although, once the player reaches the end, they might want to try and go for another run. Here are the best things players can do after beating Returnal.

The Best Things To Do After Beating Returnal

Returnal Selene

Here are some suggestions of what to do after beating Returnal.

  • Unlock Act III: When the player beats the game, they will receive an Act II trophy, but there is an Act III trophy available with more content. To unlock this, go back to the forest biome to discover the new house sequence. This will lead players down more story content to discover. This will show players the secret ending upon completion.
  • New Game With Different Weapons: There are tons of different weapons available in the game. Since the game rewards tons of different runs, try changing it up a bit with new attempts.
  • Complete All The Trophies: There are 33 different trophies to collect in the game. They are all entirely dependent on the player’s skill level. The ultimate challenge will be to try and collect them all.

Ultimately, a lot of the post-game content is tied to a single narrative moment when entering the house in the forest biome. Returnal is one of the few PlayStation 5 exclusive titles that take advantage of Dualsense’s haptic feedback. Players can literally feel the raindrops on their controllers because of this feature. Hopefully, more titles will take advantage of this feature.

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Returnal is available now on PlayStation 5.

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