Summer House: Why Hannah Berner Decided to Quit

Summer House’s resident villain Hannah Berner decided to quit the popular Bravo show after immense backlash for her attitude this past season.

Hannah Berner, Summer House’s resident villain, decided to quit the popular Bravo show after immense backlash for her attitude this past season. Fans would like to learn what caused Berner to give up her place on the show since her comedy was less than to be desired.

There is no denying that the former tennis pro was controversial. This past season showed her getting under the skin of her roomies and fans multiple times. The native New Yorker tried to use her father’s tough coaching as an excuse for her treatment of Kyle Cook and Luke Gulbranson. When she debuted on the show back in 2019, she seemed sweet enough, and her fashion sense needed tons of help. All in all, fans felt she was no threat and could use a make-over. But instead, all they got was a rather mean and vengeful housemate. 

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Frankly, we expected this from a bunch of money-hungry East Coast go-getters. But Berner took her negative image to a whole new level as she activated almost everyone in the Hamptons mansion. While her new goal is to tell fart jokes at comedy clubs, fans can’t fully understand who actually thinks she is funny? While the reality star claims it was just time for her to move on may feel there is an underlying reason.

Below Deck’s Kate Chastain hinted that she believes Berner may have been fired from the show. The fact that she made fun of Gulbranson’s mental health and joked about Carl Radke using drugs is not OK, and many think this did not sit well with producers. In addition, one of her sponsors, Better Help, decided to pull its support after learning about her insensitive jokes. It also does not look like any of her co-stars will miss her, especially since she is no longer invited to Cook and Amanda Batuala’s wedding, and the time of the annoying Giggly Squad has come to an end. 

It feels that while Berner may have had opportunities to make her name known and excel, she actually blew her biggest one of all by deciding to quit or being fired from the show; she lost any platform she once had. It is doubtful that many will pay the fee to see the Summer House star live and feel she will soon fade into the background with her significantly older fiancé. 

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