Super Rush’s Adventure, Speed, & Battle Modes Detailed

Nintendo shares a new Mario Golf: Super Rush trailer detailing the game’s Battle, Speed, and Adventure modes ahead of its June 25 release.

On Monday, a new Mario Golf: Super Rush overview trailer finally spilled the details about Mario Golf: Super Rush‘s Golf Adventure, Speed Golf, and Battle Golf modes. With the latest Mario sports game only a month away, Nintendo has been slowly revealing information about the game since its announcement for Switch in February.

Mario Golf: Super Rush has been long overdue. It’s the seventh installment in the series, following Mario Golf: World Tour on the Nintendo 3DS back in 2014. Like previous Mario Golf titles, the upcoming adventure will allow players to hone their golfing skills in competition, following standard golf rules with a twist. As revealed in a Nintendo Direct earlier this year, Mario Golf: Super Rush features popular Mario characters participating in some pretty wild game modes beyond the regular competition. There are chaotic races, boss battles, and even an RPG-style story mode. It’s golf, but to the extreme.

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Nintendo shared a new overview trailer to discuss Mario Golf: Super Rush‘s game modes, also having revealed the Mario Golf game’s roster. For starters, there’s Speed Golf, which is similar to normal golf except nobody takes turns and sprinting plays a pivotal role. Players can join up to three online friends in a chaotic golf game where everyone tees off at the same time and chases after their golf balls. This pattern continues until someone scores. To make things more interesting, each character has a unique skill that can be used to stop other players in their tracks during the race. Another mode, Battle Golf, follows a similar structure on a single arena with obstacles and a new set of rules, more reminiscent of Mario Kart than golf. Players must try to capture three flags before their opponents to win, using items in a large, colorful arena to gain an advantage.

Meanwhile, Nintendo’s customizable Mii characters make a comeback in Mario Golf: Super Rush‘s Golf Adventure campaign. Players begin the single-player story mode as a rookie golfer in the Mushroom Kingdom. As they explore the map, they can speak to Toads, Goombas, Koopas, and more to learn skills and improve technique, using these upgrades used on special missions across the kingdom, including boss battles. Players can then use their “leveled-up Mii in versus play” with friends, and online play has also been confirmed.

In the wacky world of Mario sports games, there are likely fewer better ways to hone one’s golfing skills than than with boss battles against giant phoenixes. Mario Golf: Super Rush certainly puts its own spin on a classic sport and sets itself apart from the many other, more serious golfing simulation games out there.

The new Battle and Speed modes look like a fun twist on the standard golf formula, and things like items in these modes will likely do a lot to even the playing field between more experienced golf sim veterans and casual players of all ages and ability. Meanwhile, Adventure mode looks like a great way to apply golf basics to an engaging story, something the franchise hasn’t done since Mario Golf: World Tour. It’ll remain to be seen if Mario Golf: Super Rush scores a hole-in-one with its new modes or lands in the hazard when players get the game in their hands this summer.

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Mario Golf: Super Rush will be available for Nintendo Switch on June 25.

Source: Nintendo

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