The 10 Best Companion Dogs In Movies

Whether it’s an out-of-work Stuntman, a Holiday loathing Who, or a mad scientist, every creative needs a companion dog. Even in bad movies, the presence of a dog just lying around in the shot significantly increases general audiences’ adoration of the movie.

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But the best companion dogs are the ones who get involved in the action for themselves. From traveling through time to helping their master escape from jail, these companion dogs are full of ingenuity and could turn anybody who hates dogs in to a canine lover in an instant.

10 Einstein In Back To The Future

Though it might not be as good as fans remember, Back to the Future is a fantastic movie about time travel, and it all starts with Einstein, who is put through the wringer without even knowing it. As many fans remember, Doc straps Einstein into the DeLorean on the first time-travel test. Luckily, the test worked, and Einstein came back to the future safely, but literally, anything could have happened.

9 Gromit In Wallace & Gromit

Wallace And Gromit Waving

Though Wallace & Gromit is beloved across the pond, it is such an overlooked franchise. It follows two clay stop-motion animated characters, who go on several memorable adventures together. The dog and master duo have taken on everything from robot dogs to herds of sheep.

Even though the dog can’t talk, Gromit judges everything Wallace does with his glares, but they are always there for each other, and Wallace would be lost without Gromit.

8 The Pitt Bull In John Wick: Chapter 3

As the series presses on with two more movies in the works, there’s probably going to be a lot more action involving Halle Berry’s bulletproof vest-wearing, combat dogs, which appeared in Chapter 3 – Parabellum.

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But besides them, the dog that Wick adopts at the end of the first movie is one of the most endearing companion dogs ever. Though it was played by two different dogs, when Wick adopted the pit bull to keep it from getting put down, it was the most heartfelt moment in the series, and every time the dog pops up, it has viewers in tears.

7 Dug (Up)

Dug, Carl, and Russell in Pixar's Up

The whole cast of dogs in Up is fantastic, as they are all able to talk thanks to devices strapped around their neck. However, Dug, who is seemingly inadvertently adopted by Carl and Russell, is the most lovable.

As the device converts his barks into coherent English sentences, the stuff that comes out of Dug’s mouth is hilarious. And moments in which he gets distracted by squirrels mid-sentence have become so iconic that the character is even getting his own spin-off.

6 Scooby-Doo

Scooby Doo and Shaggy in Live Action

It could be argued that Shaggy is actually Scooby’s companion pet, but they make an incredible detective duo, as they do everything together except for solving crimes. And though the 2000s live-action Scooby-Doo might not be the most celebrated or acclaimed movie of all time, at face value they are really fun kids’ movies.

From daring each other into eating chili peppers to cooking pancakes together in the mystery machine, Scoob is the best friend any man would want.

5 Brandy In Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Throughout the almost three-hour movie, Brandy doesn’t actually have much of a presence, as he’s only seen by Cliff Booth’s side here and there, and his most memorable scene up until the climax is him sloppily eating some greasy dog food.

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However, given how violent Quentin Tarantino movies tend to be, the most violent character in the whole of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is Brandy. In the final scene, when members of the Manson family invade Rick’s home, Brandy almost rips the limbs off Tex and then goes for his nether regions.

4 Max In The Grinch

Depending on which version of the Grinch it is, Max can be entirely different. In Jim Carey’s depiction of the Grinch, the dog is more submissive than anything, as he’s just there to be berated by the Grinch.

However, in the animated version that was released in 2018, the companion dog actually has a purpose, as he makes the grinch breakfast, and is genuinely more of a sidekick than just a companion dog. And Max’s loyalty to his master is unlike any other.

3 Milo In The Mask

Jim Carrey as Stanley Ipkiss in The Mask with Milo the dog

It seems to be a common theme in Jim Carey movies that the main character has a companion dog. If it wasn’t for Milo, Stanley Ipkiss would have gotten nowhere in the movie, and that’s why it’s one of the great forgotten 90s gems.

Not only does Milo singlehandedly get Stanley out of jail by stealing the warden’s keys, but the dog actually takes part in the action too. At the end of the film, Milo dons the green mask, and he’s the hero of the movie at the end of the day.

2 Baxter In Anchorman

Will Farrell as Ron Burgundy and Baxter in Anchorman

Baxter’s untimely death in Anchorman might have been hilarious, as it saw Jack Black, in character as a biker no less, dropkick the dog off a bridge, but it doesn’t make it any less sad.

His death was one of the many great things about Ron Burgundy’s pet, as whenever the dog barks, Ron truly believes the dog is talking to him, and what’s funnier is that Ron thinks he understands him. But what makes Baxter such a great companion dog is that he and Ron have such a close relationship, and they even have matching PJs.

1 Daisy In John Wick

Beagle puppy Daisy in John Wick

As Daisy was giving to John Wick by his late wife who had just been buried, audiences fell in love with the puppy immediately, including the former hitman himself. They went joyriding together and slept in the same bed, so when the son of a Russian mobster kills the dog in front of Wick, every viewer wanted to get revenge. Daisy was the only motivation for Wick to come out of retirement and pick off everybody who had ever rubbed shoulders with Iosef, and everybody agrees that Daisy’s life is equal to 70 human lives.

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