The Big Shot with Bethenny Brings Big Boss Energy

Bethenny Frankel is an RHONY alum who goes after exactly what she wants. Her new show The Big Shot with Bethenny shows her fearless spirit.

Bethenny Frankel from The Big Shot with Bethenny is sharing information about her business empire in her new show, while also giving worthy contestants with executive ability a chance to score plum jobs. Last year, Bethenny shocked audiences and castmates by leaving Real Housewives of New York, seemingly for good. Always a fan-favorite, Frankel had hosted several spin-offs, and she had always made it clear that she needed space from her eccentric Bravo castmates. Frankel’s latest venture is an HBO Max show that lets Frankel’s business savvy and competency shine brighter than ever.

The Big Shot with Bethenny is a reality competition show. Contestants vie to become Frankel’s Vice President and second in command. The series is shot against the backdrop of chic (and sanitized) New York lofts and rooftop patios. The new cutthroat reality show may just be the ultimate test of executive skill and empire building. From Skinny Girl shapewear photoshoots to live tapings for HSN, viewers will gain insight into what major professional success really takes. Frankel said during a failed filming challenge, “Wendy at least is catering to my needs.” One of Frankel’s biggest asks is that a VP can take on a leadership role and make the right decisions under intense time crunches and close scrutiny. Milokssy Resto and Nicole Rose Stillings were front runners in episode 5, thanks to their succinct and grammatical script. Frankel said, “you guys definitely crushed it. You made me feel safe. In this job, what’s important is making me feel safe and being collected and organized.”

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The black leather and glittering rhinestone aesthetic of the show gives true boss energy vibes. Frankel (who is now engaged to Paul Bernon) was always intense, with a knack for talking a mile a minute. She is an enigma that commands a room. However, Frankel admits early on (and often) that she has a soft spot for everyone, as indicated by her weak elimination history. In episode one, Frankel whispers, “I’m gonna end up hiring everyone. This dress is a farce,” and she’s not wrong. Frankel hired Correy Kaiten as a personal assistant. She took on Jenna Leveille as a remote brand ambassador.

Bethenny Frankel in Real Housewives

It should also be highlighted that Big Shot’s finalists are three POC women. By comparison, Frankel’s former network Bravo has been dragging its feet for decades when it comes to boosting diversity. RHONY’s 2021 opening episode seemed archaic in tone and content when compared to Big Shot. Frankel is also wise to watch her step when it comes to inclusive casts and social justice issues. Frankel landed in hot water for a Twitter rant dismissing Meagan Markles’s jaw-dropping Oprah interview as “rich people problems.” She later tweeted an apology after the rant and noted that she could be an unfiltered, and flawed person, to a fault. 

After years of going through a divorce on camera while parenting, shooting reality television, and juggling her many brands, HBO Max is the right place for her, at just the right time. Presenting Frankel as anything less than an imperfect, complex, feminist businesswoman hasn’t done her justice. Before getting started, The Big Shot with Bethenny final four took a moment to reflect. Stillings said, “you know, I think the more confident a woman is, the more people want to stomp on that.” Resto agreed and said, “we are labeled difficult. We are labeled a b*tch. We cannot ever win, and I feel as though Bethenny has allowed us to be who we are, successful, strong, and have an opinion.” If creating space for competent women to learn, grow and thrive as their authentic selves isn’t the peak of professional success, then nothing is.

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