The Boys: The 10 Saddest Things About Hughie

In the world of violent people and psychopathic superheroes that is The Boys, Hughie Campbell is very much the heart of the show. He is an innocent and ordinary young man who is dragged into this wild world where he is constantly in over his head.

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Hughie might not be the toughest person on the show, but he is an easy hero to root for. That’s why it can be really hard seeing all of the things that he goes through throughout the series. From the horrible things he is exposed to regularly to his various relationships that have their own ups and downs, Hughie has a fairly sad journey in the show.

10 Covered In Blood

Hughie and Lamplighter in The Boys

The Boys may the bloodiest show on television and it seems very proud of that fact. While there is always plenty of gore to go around, poor Hughie seems to find himself covered in blood and guts more than the average person in this story.

There are times when it is completely his fault, like when he blew up Translucent, but then there are times when it’s hard not to feel sorry for the mess he puts up with. Whether it’s getting spattered with his girlfriend’s exploded body or ending up inside of a whale, Hughie has endured a lot.

9 Robin’s Death

Almost immediately after being introduced in the show, Hughie experiences something unimaginably horrific. While standing on the sidewalk with his girlfriend Robin, discussing the possibility of moving in together, the speedster superhero A-Train, runs through Robin, reducing her to a puddle of blood.

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Understandably, it is an extremely traumatic thing for Hughie to witness and he loses someone who he loves. It is this tragedy that ignites Hughie into action and begins his journey in the show.

8 Facing A-Train

It is not just the death of Robin that triggers Hughie but also the injustice of how it is dealt with. The whole incident is swept under the rug by Vought, A-Train fails to apologize for it, and the blame is even shifted onto Robin.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Hughie then agrees to help Butcher spy on the Seven, which includes having to accept an apology from A-Train. Hughie is not good at confrontation and it is clear just standing face-to-face with the man who so carelessly killed Robin is rattling for him.

7 Unable To Stand Up For Himself

Jack Quaid as Hughie in The Boys

Even before all of the madness happens to Hughie, he is shown to be a timid guy who is unable to stand up for himself. Despite being an excellent worker at his electronics store, he is unable to get up the nerve to ask his boss for a raise.

Following Robin’s death, Vought offers a small cash payout in exchange for his silence. Hughie fantasizes about telling the Vought employee off, but he can’t bring himself to do it in real life. It is clear that his inability to take a stand fills Hughie with shame, especially in this situation.

6 His Father

Jack Quaid and Simon Pegg in The Boys Amazon Prime

In a fun bit of casting, Simon Pegg, the real-life inspiration for the comic book version of Hughie, stars as Hughie’s father. Unfortunately, as a father, Hugh Sr. is a huge disappointment.

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The father and son are mostly seen spending their days sitting on the couch and watching television together, which Hughie secretly resents. When Hughie wants to take a stand for Robin’s death, his father tells him he doesn’t have it in him. He advises his son that he should just accept the payout and move on.

5 His Mother

Jack Quaid in The Boys

While Hughie’s father is no help to him, his mother is an even sadder story. Initially, it seems as though Hughie’s mother has died before the events of the show. However, Hughie later reveals that is not the case.

He explains to Starlight that his mother was a kind and caring parent when he was younger, but she one day left and never came back. While there might be more to that story than meets the eye, it seemed to convince Hughie that he is not good enough and gave him some of his issues that he still has.

4 Used By Butcher

When Hughie is first approached by Butcher, he claims that he wants to help Hughie find justice for Robin’s death. While Butcher does help him see the truth about supes, he is also not doing it out of the goodness of his heart.

Butcher uses Hughie to get what he wants, often putting Hughie in danger in the process. Their relationship grows tenser as Hughie begins to realize he is just a pawn in Butchers’ own mission of vengeance.

3 Relationship With Starlight

With so much violence and death in the show, the relationship between Hughie and Annie, aka Starlight, is often a pleasant breath of fresh air. However, even this cute romance is not without its dark aspects as Hughie is initially using Starlight to get access to the other supes.

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Hughie is one of the more morally grounded characters on the show and this is one of the few times his actions are questionable. However, it is apparent the conflict Hughie feels as he grows closer to Starlight and begins to push back on his allegiance to Butcher.

2 No One Wants Him As Leader

Tomer Capon as Frenchie, Jack Quaid as Hughie and Laz Alonso as Mother's Milk MM in The Boys

At the beginning of the second season, Hughie and the others are on the run after Vought and the supes learn their identities. While they are trying to move forward while in hiding, Butcher is missing. Hughie thinks they are better off without Butcher.

However, the others insist they need a leader and despite Hughie taking a more forceful role in the team, they clearly don’t think he is a fit leader. Even after Hughie came to save his teammates while Butcher abandoned them, the others still choose Butcher over Hughie.

1 Guilt Over Moving On

Hughie’s reasons for beginning a relationship with Starlight may have been dishonest, but it doesn’t take long for him to really start to fall for her. With all the other madness going on around him, Hughie seems to find some happiness with her.

However, this is complicated by his guilt over Robin. Whenever he finds himself getting comfortable with Starlight, he sees a vision of Robin’s ghost watching him. Hughie begins to feel as if finding happiness elsewhere is a betrayal of Robin’s memory.

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